My Article Read (11-21-2015)


Wife, Baby, Soldier, Newspaper

  1. Top 10 Award-Winning Filipino Photographers in UAE

  2. The Best Friend You Will Ever Have

  3. No, Donald Trump Didn’t “Blame” George Bush For 9-11 Attacks…

  4. Yahweh is my helper!

  5. Politicians Fight for the Truth, Leave the Details Up to God

  6. Blogging Boredom

  7. 10 Qualities Every Person Should Aspire to Possess

  8. 16 fotos de cozinhas do mundo todo mostram os corações das culturas   (16 pictures of kitchens from around the world show the hearts of cultures)

  9. God is Light, Love, Life and Truth| Part 1 and 2 of 5

  10. Tropical Plants – Bromeliad Flower

  11. Bill Whittle: How Liberals Cause ISIS Terror Attacks…

  12. Friday: Cleanup in aisle 4…

  13. Here’s THREE Simple Things You Can Do Every Day To Help DISMANTLE The Mainstream Media!!

  14. Republicans and Independents really don’t care much about climate change…

  15. Eagle hunters of Mongolia

  16. A well indoctrinated surrender-bot:

  17. Pass me a very small violin…

  18. Happy Caturday — weight watchers edition

  19. A-hunting we will go

  20. The unbearable whiteness of being

  21. California loses another business, but at least we have a higher minimum wage

  22. Quote Of The Day — November 21, 2015

  23. List of Foreign-Born Islamists Charged With or Convicted of Crimes in US -Part 2

  24. Easy Bread Pudding

  25. The Daily Post photo challenge: Trio

  26. Seasonal Sigh of Golden Leaves

  27. Nigel Farage Rises In Defense of Western Values…

  28. Why Women Leave Men They Love…

  29. One More Step ~

  30. The Last Time

  31. Computer Working- Sort Of

  32. Myths and Legends: John Ford’s MY DARLING CLEMENTINE (20th Century Fox 1946)

  33. France and Russia Take Control – U.N. Security Council Tells Obama To Take A Back Seat and Watch…

  34. The Adventures of the Dye’s Part 1

  35. We are more than conquerors!

  36. That’s my world, my home

  37. battles

  38. Roots

  39. My Blogversary: Meet and Greet 10

  40. Seashell Wind Chime Making at JW Marriott Phuket

  41. Engaging Life For Kids

  42. Pearseus, Rise of the Prince by Nicholas C. Rossis – a review

  43. Rock Your World With Peace

  44. Great Questions In the Bible-Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation?

  45. Autumn Gems of Fall

  46. Thanksgiving not PC?

  47. Three Things I Want You to Know – 11/21

  48. The w-word has arrived


  50. Moats….



Left Over Articles

  1. Report: Six Presidential Campaigns Face Tipping Point – Drop Out, or Continue…

  2. The Wisdom Mine

  3. VIDEO The Deep State – Aggressive Measures To Ban Cash – How To Survive

  4. I love you-Tanka


  6. Turbine

  7. Southern Fried Catfish

  8. Brit Hume Defends Boehner With List Of Obama Wants We Stopped

  9. All God’s People – All you ever wanted

  10. This general kept winning just as God had promised

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