My Article Read (11-20-2015)


Warrior, Newspaper

  1. Watchful Sobriety

  2. Why Was Hillary Clinton Transferring Secret Historical State Department Documents To Her Private Server?…

  3. Sticky Note to God 10.18.15

  4. Open

  5. Nuggets – The Passion of Stewardship

  6. Artista usa natureza de silhuetas de animais papel de cor branca   (Artist uses nature of silhouettes of animals white paper)

  7. Understanding What Steve Jobs Meant by ‘Passion’

  8. Neglected Caroline – 10/18/15

  9. 10 Powerful Beliefs of Unstoppable Leaders

  10. October 19, 2015 – Heal

  11. Mainstream media liberal bias update…

  12. “Judgment and Death Coming to America” — OR?

  13. Quote Of The Day — November 20, 2015

  14. Stuck on Stupid: Hillary Clinton Claims Islam Is Not America’s Adversary

  15. Mark Steyn Weighs In On Election 2016, Refugee Security Concerns

  16. Old Dreams, coming to life!

  17. Pilots confirm that Obama blocks 75 percent of ISIS strikes

  18. Radical Jihad and the God Who Can Save Us – France’s Sorrow; Our Wake-Up Call

  19. A Darkness So Great

  20. Thanks Giving and Nurture versus Nature, either way

  21. Snow Alert Sioux Falls Sd

  22. Após perder irmã de 4 anos com Síndrome de Down, artista faz ensaio tocante para homenageá-la   (After losing 4 years sister with Down syndrome, artist does touching essay to honor her)

  23. Be BRAVE

  24. Daily Life in Tokyo, Japan

  25. Between Selves

  26. Every being fears life in danger today

  27. Jump!

  28. What would Jesus do about refugees?

  29. Whosoever will. …Really? – The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  30. Not fair…….

  31. Arrested Trump Rally Protester is Convicted Bomber of Marine Recruitment Center….

  32. Yeah, Whatever …..

  33. God’s Always Up to Something ~

  34. Our Jayvee President

  35. Whoopi Goldberg Schools ‘The View’s’ Audience on Hitler’s Christianity   (Satire)

  36. Conundrums…

  37. Almost a Vigilante: Charles Bronson in GANG WAR (20th Century Fox 1958)


  39. Disrespectful

  40. Watching the Anger… Like a Boiling Teapot (Galatians 5 )

  41. The Gangster in the Garden – Photography

  42. What’s that?| Acrylamide

  43. What two men prayed…..

  44. Brain Workouts

  45. First One Up

  46. A Letter to Him on Consistency

  47. Friday’s Fiction

  48. Three Books I’d like to see as Movies

  49. The Worldwide Domino Effect of the French Attacks

  50. “Because I am answerable to someone”

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