My Article Read (11-18-2015) (11-19-2015)


Toodler, Newspaper

  1. Renante O. Cayon: Dreaming Beyond Yacht

  2. The Challenge Of Change

  3. Every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter

  4. Church, Wake Up

  5. Something Happened. I Loved Her.

  6. The Real House Leadership Crisis

  7. As for me, I shall be satisfied: The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  8. Developing Informed Opinions and Critical Thinking

  9. Oh how the tide turns

  10. How Predictable Are You?

  11. Anonymous helps take down up to 5,500 ISIS-affiliated accounts on Twitter

  12. Turkey fans boo moment of silence for Paris attacks, chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ (Video)

  13. Looking forward to a nice warm winter

  14. Quickies

  15. Crazy Obama-hood

  16. Advertisements from long, long ago

  17. To defeat ISIS and the jihad, we need a successful climate-change conference. Really.

  18. Quote Of The Day — November 18, 2015

  19. Calling Down God’s Blessing on Murder

  20. Another school shooter – but this time the results are different

  21. Did your Legislator tell Obama to speed up screening of Syrians?

  22. Falling Star: Send in the Clown 6th Artists to Fall

  23. Let That Be Enough

  24. What 2 do When U do not Know What 2 do…


  26. The World In Its Disguise

  27. Still hear the laughter

  28. Tell All Tuesday Series: What does your Thanksgiving Dinner consist of?

  29. VIDEO What France and Europe Might Learn – We’re Not Islamophobic, We Just Don’t Want To Get Blown Up

  30. Weekly Blog Reviews #7

  31. Why This Site Is Called NOT ANOTHER TALL BLOG

  32. It’s Our Anniversary!

  33. How To Apply Biblical Principles

  34. The World Needs Jesus

  35. Slavery

  36. Journey to Finding ME: The Little Store on the Right

  37. 7 Surprising Question to Measure Your Leadership

  38. Where is our 10%?

  39. Yahweh is not slack!

  40. President Obama’s ISIS Strategy Is Indeed Working – It’s Working Exactly as Planned….

  41. Exactly what the hell has Obama been bombing for the last couple of years?

  42. Internet And Computer Problems.

  43. Jesus Calling: The Fog

  44. Confessions of a pastor’s daughter: Church life Part 1

  45. Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 6 – Unused

  46. 5 Ways How You Can Do Anything…But Not Everything

  47. 5 Ways to Persuade People to Stay Longer on Your Blog

  48. Nova York supera planos e conclui plantio de 1 milhão de árvores 2 anos antes do prazo final   (New York beats plans and concludes planting 1 million trees 2 years before the deadline)

  49. Nature’s Beauty is Its Mystery – Photography

  50. Celebrating Our Next Chapter

  51. BREAKING: Honduras Arrests Five Syrians With Fake Greek Passports Heading To U.S.A. – Three More Arrested In St. Maarten



  54. Salt On Open Wounds

  55. Yep



  1. Filipina honored with Clap! Clap! Clap Award 2015

  2. Eye Witness Account – Magic on the Burma Railroad


  4. Refuge

  5. Our Dowry of Everlastingness

  6. VIDEO Why Rev. Wright Is Wrong…Jesus Was NOT a Palestinian

  7. Just One More Year – President Stompy Feet’s Days are Numbered !!

  8. Sticky Note From God 10.17.15

  9. Lêmure de olhos azuis podem ser extintos em apenas 11 anos   (Blue-eyed lemur may be extinct in just 11 years)


  11. Joseph Farah asks: Who is America’s No 1 enemy?…

  12. Donald Trump: Says heckler is “seriously overweight”…

  13. Interesting: Utah county prosecutor investigating Harry Reid…

  14. Report: 8 Syrians caught trying to illegally cross the Mexican border…

  15. By their friends shall ye know them…..

  16. ‘Privacy? Who Needs It?

  17. Son of a preacher man

  18. Happy anniversary, Mickey and Minnie

  19. Quote Of The Day — November 19, 2015

  20. Answer to Obama’s Philippine Comments

  21. There’s money to made on these Syrian Refugees‏

  22. VIDEO Paris Shooting Happens, BAM MB Obama Makes Chilling Announcement at G20! Agenda? – The People vs. Obama

  23. 5 Things that I’m Grateful For

  24. Madeira – Hiking Sao Lourenco

  25. Why Jesus?

  26. Obama Mulls Putting ‘Republicans on the Ground’ in ISIS Fight   (Satire)

  27. The Sun

  28. 50 Bible Verses for the Hard Days

  29. Crossing over Jordan

  30. VIDEO Spiritual Warfare, The Battle Belongs to The Lord

  31. Be Still and Know ~

  32. My Fans, Day 13, Play with Word Count, 50 word story

  33. Letters to Daddy 12

  34. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  35. Blogging 501

  36. Editorial: The New Word Press Fast-Edit

  37. There is nothing too hard for YOU!

  38. Always Count Your Blessings

  39. Poetry – Crystals

  40. Wise Words

  41. SCARS of The Abuses We Endured

  42. Ten Commandments

  43. Best Books of the year! Christmas bookish wishlist 🙂 #amreading #bestbooks

  44. International Weekly Roundup #6


  46. Self Betterment

  47. My First Thai Massage at Renaissance Phuket

  48. June 1943 (2)

  49. Great Questions In the Bible-Where Are You Going?

  50. The Voice Not Easily Heard

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