My Article Read (11-17-2015)


soldiers, newspaper

  1. From Porto Covo to Carvalhal

  2.  For the Love of God, Educate Yourself or Be Quiet!

  3. Overwhelming Beauty

  4. Excuses

  5. The Time is Yours

  6. The Depths of Crazy

  7. Sticky Note to God 10.15.15

  8. You Are Always On My Mind

  9. Temples

  10. Fight the Good Fight of Faith, Not One Another … Part 1 of 2

  11. Michelle Obama shakes her booty in solidarity with France…

  12. Idaho Governor Otter to Obama: Stop importing refugees…

  13. Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein not buying Obama’s ISIS has been “contained” BS…

  14. Confusing Mandates and Refugees

  15. The purpose of PC

  16. Will this be the spark?

  17. Quote Of The Day — November 17, 2015

  18. How Russia Deals With Terrorists

  19. Black Lives Matter protesters harass and shout obscenities at white students

  20. Women, don’t leave the keys please!

  21. The Suicide of Europe – the hordes descend.

  22. June 1943 (1)

  23. Moon Games – Poetry

  24. Cerberus: Potemkin Village Europe postures in face of the Islamic threat

  25. A prayer to lead by example

  26. Thou Oh Lord

  27. Our First Day at Renaissance Phuket

  28. It’s spreading again

  29. Sinner’s Prayer

  30. The Will To Live

  31. Paris attacks: France to call for effective suspension of Schengen open borders

  32. Brasileiros participam do “almoço de domingo” em casas pelo mundo para entender a cultura de cada país   (Brazilians are participating in the “Sunday lunch” in the world to understand the culture of each country)

  33. Backlash hits Wasserman Schultz after using Paris attacks to slam ‘irresponsible’ GOP

  34. Shepard Smith lectures America for rejecting refugees, don’t let ‘political extremists’ alter who ‘we are’

  35. Depicting Nature’s Power & Industrial Landscapes – Artist Exposé

  36. “Anonymous Declares War on ISIS”

  37. Your eyes saw my substance!

  38. Journal Entry 1987

  39. Is God Your Lord Or Your Landlord?

  40. Enlighten enlighten life with peace and harmony

  41. Move Forward… And Leave All Bad Memories behind

  42. Tuesday’s Bible Study

  43. Obama Suggests Other Things Besides Islam to Blame For Paris Attacks   (Satire)

  44. Right with God

  45. 8 Benefits of Having an Open Mind and How to Get One

  46. 6 Ways You Can Save Time Blogging, Technology You Should Know

  47. Our Living and Returning Savior Part 3

  48. VIDEO Putin: ISIS financed from 40 countries, including G20 members – US armed ISIS, Scott Taylor – MB Obama Word Salad

  49. King Solomon, Paris Terrorism

  50. Tuesday’s Tale

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