My Article Read (11-16-2015)


Soldier, Newspaper

  1. Australia – Part 2

  2. War Room – Week Two

  3. Little Ghetto Boy

  4. Does God Really Love you? Get it Settled Now!

  5. TT13: Gossip needn’t be False to be Evil

  6. Godzilla and Legendary’s King Kong

  7. In God Alone ~

  8. Eros Goze: Admired Fashion Photographer

  9. Bullying… Another Abuse That We Find (Luke 6:45)

  10. Sheep in the midst of Wolves

  11. President Odumbo produces word salad when asked “Why Can’t We Take Out These Bastards?…

  12. Obama uses cover of Paris attack to release 5 terrorists from Gitmo…

  13. Grow up Kiwis, ffs!

  14. Hashtags and candles won’t cut it

  15. We may never know Chattanooga shooter’s motives

  16. What Charlie Hebdo put out after Paris attack

  17. Parents dedicate new college safe space in honor of daughter who felt weird in class once   (Satire)

  18. Another of @HillaryClinton’s many qualifications to be president: Confusion

  19. (Video) Campaign finance reform is corruption

  20. Quote Of The Day — November 16, 2015

  21. Trump Insider Exposes Bushes & Clintons

  22. Mitt Romney: Obama Must Wage War with ISIS

  23. America, England, France! Shaking brings Awakening!

  24. Obama to speed processing of Syrian refugees, opens more centers

  25. My Starman

  26. Army National Guard Sgt. Imprisoned for Life for Saving his Squad

  27. How to Immediately Increase Your Blog Subscribers

  28. Writing 101, Day 8, Reinvent the Letter Format

  29. Madeira – Jardim do Mar

  30. An Education is a Privilege not a RIGHT!

  31. For The Bad Days…

  32. Canada’s new Defence Minister on ISIS, nothing to see here folks – What does the attack mean for the future of Europe?

  33. Answering God’s Call

  34. Prophet Without Honor

  35. Dark Carnival: NIGHTMARE ALLEY (20th Century Fox, 1947)

  36. Secrets That Elevate the Journey to Adventure

  37. The Lone Wolf

  38. For Paris

  39. Guard your heart . . .

  40. How Do I Stop This?

  41. HE LIFTS US UP: Testing?

  42. Sleeping The Day Away And A Vent

  43. A Star is Born RD V: All Around the World & The Neighborhood Award

  44. Obama Plans All-Out Skirmishes With ISIS   (Satire)

  45. Like a soft gentle hand caresses my eyes

  46. Being Biblical

  47. Seeking inspiration

  48. Jo’s Monday walk : Lumiere 2015

  49. Confessions of a pastor’s daughter: Motivational Monday

  50. What Is the Dream Big Blog All About?

  51. Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #59

  52. Sixteen States Now Demand Stoppage or Immediate Pause of President Obama’s Syrian Refugee Program….

  53. Test

  54. France Is Now Warning Pope Francis That The Muslims Could Murder Him

  55. Sometimes We Soar ~

13 thoughts on “My Article Read (11-16-2015)

  1. Hi Lafayette,
    I didn’t know you know Gary Loggins. I know him too! Thanks so much for including my article about how to get new blog followers #27. I am genuinely grateful for the exposure.

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