My Two Cents


Two Cents

  1. Raising The Standard (A Comment By Me And Repost)

  2. Heroes Are-Kathleen Blake

  3. Questions I Asked Myself Lately.

  4. Be Strong My People

  5. Where Are The Prophets Of Old?-Kathleen Blake

  6. A Phrase I Enjoy Seeing

  7. A Phrase I have Issues With

  8. What Would You Like To Learn Today?

  9. Woman Of Strength-Mother Teresa

  10. It Is Disheartening To Me

  11. Servant Leadership And Servant Leaders

  12. Where Have All The Leaders Gone?

  13. My Daily Musing’s Two Cents Worth-Leaders

  14. Shouldn’t We Have A Ship Named USS Soapbox?

  15. Feminist? No! A Woman Of Strength? Yes!

  16. This Is How My Crazy Imagination Works

  17. The Solution

  18. Sharing A Street Called Memory Lane

  19. What Do I Talk About Now?

  20. My Love For Dance

  21. Am I The Only One That Saw The Flip Off

  22. This Article Made Feel Like Saluting And Saying “Yes, Ma’am”

  23. My Thoughts About The USS Indiana And Ships That Met The Fate As She (Repost)

  24. Some Political Snark Or Snippet Or Whatever You Want To Call For The Day

  25. A Don’t Do, A Lesson In Doing An Act Of Kindness Of Cleaning Someone’s Dishes

  26. Dear God, We’re Doing Wrong

  27. The Burden

  28. Jesus Would Not Do What Occupiers Do, Mr. Jackson

  29. As A Matter Of Curiosity

  30. I Don’t Want To Be A Jonah

  31. Well, Let’s Talk About Rap

  32. Ah, I Thought They Were Angry, Spoiled Little Kids

  33. Sometimes You Got To Release Your Inter Smart Butt Attitude

  34. Do You Get The Feeling This Election Is Going To Be Like Trying To “Sink The Bismarck”?

  35. It sounds like a great idea to me

  36. The Weasel Bunch Sings The Same Old Tune That Is Boring And Gross

  37. My Opinion Of The Democrats Walking Out On The Contempt Vote

  38. The Adventures Of Going Through The Spam File

  39. Maybe I Am Crazy

  40. Good Samaritans And Blessings

  41. I Want To Introduce You To Ricky Bishop

  42. Uplifting Tuesday-God Bless The Good Samaritans

  43. Being Grateful-The Little And Teen Good Samaritans

  44. Remembering Some Snowing Memories

  45. My Bucket List

  46. To The Person Called Here

  47. It Wasn’t My Fault

  48. Online Kindness

  49. Not Today, But Yesterday And The Other Day I Been In A Funk.

  50. I Have Been Thinking

  51. I Need New Material


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