My Article Read (11-15-2015)


Soldier, Man, Newspaper

  1. Chunky Sweaters, Scarves & Peppermint Mocha

  2. Fall is Upon Us – My Favorite Time of Year!

  3. AUDIO British Philosopher Says America Has Retreated

  4. Creator of All Things

  5. Is Christian Dominionism a Heresy?

  6. Think Before You Speak

  7. Neglected Caroline – 10 / 14 / 15 b

  8. Last days’ walk with Jesus: teaching and walking (2)

  9. Dad’s birthday

  10. Ask Auntie Linda, October 14, 2015

  11. Reading I and Gospel for November 15…

  12. Pianist Plays ‘Imagine’ for Crowd Outside Paris’ Bataclan…

  13. One day after Paris attacks, Hillary Clinton refuses to use term “Radical Islam” (Video)

  14. Paris

  15. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  16. Happy Caturday

  17. Quote Of The Day — November 15, 2015

  18. The Destruction of Europe and the West

  19. Some Sunday Thoughts on Paris, France

  20. Sunday Respite – Barber ‘Adagio’

  21. King Solomon, Scoffers

  22. The Guardian – Conclusion

  23. The Barbarians Are Inside, And There Are No Gates


  25. Do you believe? – The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  26. Reaction to the Paris Attacks

  27. It’s Our Wedding Anniversary

  28. God and Government Why Christians Must be Involved in the Political Process-Krystal Heath

  29. Where Is Obama Administration Settling The Syrians?…

  30. And the Featured is….

  31. if i have the power

  32. In Memorium: Vive La France!

  33. I Love My Brother!

  34. Promises . . . yes and amen!

  35. A star then twinkled swiftly in the sky

  36. Inspirational Song for Today: Closer Than You Know

  37. A prayer for peace

  38. Be fruitful and multiply

  39. 9 Writing Rules Science Fiction & Fantasy Authors Should Break

  40. Petrichor.

  41. Confessions of a pastor’s daughter: God’s Love


  43. Abigail Havora Is Miss Pacific Islands Papua New Guinea 2015

  44. Fotos de animais selvagens foram feitas sem zoom   (Pictures of wild animals were made without zoom)

  45. Sins Debt Has Been Paid

  46. The Lost River

  47. Zebra behind a Lamp

  48. My Proud Introduction to the World of Opera (Sorry Pavarotti)

  49. I Remember Paris ~ Je me souviens de vous

  50. Eric Champion

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