My Article Read (11-14-2015)



  1. October

  2. Unbelief does not make someone a victim

  3. Black Month For Press Freedom in Turkey Police Raids Former Ally Newspaper and TV Station

  4. True Greatness

  5. 101 Fun Things to Do This Fall

  6. Seasons of Love

  7. So You Think You’re Having a Bad Day

  8. Sticky Note to God 10.14.15

  9. Awareness of the Road, Cancer Awareness Month

  10. Top Diving Destinations in Indonesia

  11. Ted Cruz: “I recognize that Barack Obama does not wish to defend this country”…

  12. #Fail: Al CNN leaves Islamic out of description of Paris attackers…

  13. Muslim murderers: Get used to it.

  14. Massacre in the City of Lights as the jihad comes to Paris. Update: deaths near 100

  15. Ignoring Molech Worshipers in their midst:

  16. Quote Of The Day — November 14, 2015

  17. Paris 11/13/2015

  18. Americans Among The Victims in Paris Attack

  19. Obama Doesn’t Think ISIS Is ‘Gaining Strength’

  20. Work To Live Live To Run

  21. Your Privacy And Windows 10

  22. Abrahamic Covenant Terms, Genesis 17:9-14

  23. Benighted Nations

  24. Burial

  25. Madeira – Cliffs

  26. Missionary Eyes ~

  27. The Daily Post photo challenge: Victory

  28. One word about

  29. Mark Levin Reacts to Paris Attack: Seal Our Borders, ‘Thank God for the Second Amendment’ – Breitbart

  30. BMW 3 Series; New Model Prices, Specs And Some Other Facts


  32. An Attack Against Humanity

  33. Ironic Timing – Today First load of 10,000 Syrian “Refugees” Has Arrived in New Orleans – All Single Males 18-30 Years Old…

  34. Paris

  35. Guest Blogger Post: …and some are TOADS!

  36. Obama Paris: Muslim, Syria, Allahu Akbar Not Mentioned – ISIS Contained, Decapitated, Not Growing

  37. Prayers for Paris and France

  38. Towering

  39. Ted Cruz Calls For End To Syrian / U.S. Refugee Program Following Paris Attacks…


  41. World Record For Biggest Baby Now Held by Liberal College Students

  42. Walk A Mile In His Shoes…

  43. The Second Trip Around The Island With Bill. ( Getting Started ) -Part 1

  44. Sugarcoating Christianity

  45. Journey to Finding ME: Roppongi Japan

  46. Batteries, Writing 101, day 10, Let the Scene Write Itself

  47. VIDEO ‘The Fog of Fascism Is Descending Quickly Over Many American Universities’ – Bored of education: campus crybaby edition

  48. A Dangerous Philosophy: Success Is Everything

  49. How To STOP Living Paycheck to Paycheck

  50. Six word Saturday



Left Over Articles

  1. VIDEO MB Obama Reveals Himself:Fundamental Decision as a Country in Terms of Our Values, Dump Morals and Ethics

  2. The Problem of Laziness

  3. In the Image of God?

  4. Old is When/Joke of the Day

  5. Social Documentary Photography – The Baiga Tribe Of India

  6. The Quiet Place

  7. Yahweh is the everlasting God!

  8. Photography goes beyond meanings

  9. Jihadist Infiltration in Name of “Refugees” Biggest Betrayal in History – Charities in the Thick of It

  10. Ivanka Trump Interview – Discusses Being a Mom, Wife, Businesswoman and Daughter of Next President….

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