My Article Read (11-10-2015)


Man Coffee, Newspaper

  1. 25 Scriptures Every Believer Should Know

  2. Alex Callueng: Photography is all about taste

  3. Sticky Note From God 10.11.15

  4. Street Photography Essay – San Francisco, California, USA

  5. Top ten indicators that a redneck has been working on your computer

  6. Does ketchup taste better at the Ritz-Carlton?

  7. To make everyday special…

  8. Significant: The Low Level of Moral Enthusiasm

  9. VIDEO ISIS Member Set To Slaughter Christians Accepts Christ – Next Crusade Is Coming Soon – Trump: Merkel Insane

  10. A Government of Social and Behavioral “Nudges”

  11. Strange: D.C. Cops Hunt Twerker, Accomplice (Video)

  12. Actual Good News: 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upholds injunction blocking Obama illegal immigration EO

  13. Ahab was Jezebel’s Husband, and was the Classic Passive Aggressive.. there can be no Jezebel if there no enabling Ahab

  14. WHY are we forced to fund this crap?


  16. On your Marx… get set…

  17. Quote Of The Day — November 10, 2015

  18. Kentucky’s New GOP Governor Tells EPA to Pound Sand

  19. Vladimir Putin: The Truth About ISIS

  20. Little Swedish girl raped by Africans, Authorities could care less

  21. This Isn’t A Culture War. It’s A War On Culture – Liberals Losing the Culture Wars?

  22. USMC 240th Birthday !!

  23. He Gives Me Time

  24. Hypophrenia.

  25. Cobras gulosas que comeram mais do que conseguiam digerir   (Hungry snakes that ate more than it could digest)

  26. FaceBook Faux-pas

  27. FaceBook Group Trash

  28. I Hear Voices

  29. When God is Silent

  30. Change Your Minds

  31. The Broad Road and the Narrow Gate — Reblogged

  32. Falling Star Delayed as Panel Scoring is Washed Away, the Inner Council Implodes, While Audience Waits

  33. I will sacrifice to you with the voice of thanksgiving .

  34. My best friend’s Dad (3)- Pabby(2)

  35. Wreaths Across America – Saturday December 12, 2015

  36. Don’t Offend Anybody Now!

  37. Writing

  38. From Victim to Victorious

  39. Moral Absolutes

  40. Create Success by Creating Value for Others

  41. Iowa Reporter Who Previously Ridiculed Trump Supporters Publishes Her Article….

  42. Balance

  43. Small Celebrations In November – Family

  44. King Solomon, Presentism, Seven Deadly Sins

  45. Great Questions In the Bible-Shall Not the Judge Of the Earth Do Right?

  46. 7 Ways to Stop Being Hardheaded

  47. Ask Auntie Linda, November 11, 2015

  48. Jesus Has All Authority … | The Earthly and Heavenly Sanctuary | 9 / 13

  49. The air was dull———

  50. Falling Star: An Artists Collaborative Goodbye

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