My Article Read (11-9-2015)


Left Overs

  1. Filipina media executive rocks Fujairah

  2. Why Are Some Christians Afraid Of Curses?

  3. Understanding God’s Peace ~

  4. Self pep-talks

  5. Now I Understand!

  6. Neglected Caroline – 10/12/15

  7. watchman’s journey: first step of end-time

  8. “The Better Angels of Our Nature”

  9. Mayor Of Jerusalem Calls On Citizens To Protect Themselves, Carry Guns After Wave Of Stabbings

  10. Light and Shadows

  11. University of Missouri president Tim Wolfe resigns under threats of football players not playing…

  12. Ex-GAO Head: Real US Debt Is Close To $65 trillion

  13. Naked Christians

  14. Cultural Hangover

  15. More NZ Herald femidrivel:

  16. Obama Kidnapped America

  17. Prey on words, part four/fore/for

  18. Tell us, Dr. Carson…

  19. Revenge of #KeystoneXL: labor union starts donating to Republicans

  20. Quote Of The Day — November 09, 2015

  21. Protesters in Berlin Calling for Merkel to Resign

  22. Meet The Press outlines collapse of Democrats since Barack Obama became president

  23. Raising a Generation of Spoiled Brats

  24. Fact or Fiction?

  25. The real winners of the defeat of the XL Pipeline were not the environmentalists

  26. Purr-m !

  27. Candidate Donald Trump and The 99.9914%…

  28. Evening Chuckle

  29. Parable of The Fig Tree

  30. To The Winery

  31. Madeira – path to Pico do Arieiro

  32. I Felt on the Spot During Q&A

  33. Bombing Of Hospital Sounds less like an unfortunate mistake, and more like a genuine war crime

  34. Mysticism Plus Theology

  35. Falling Back

  36. Mixed Message on Violence

  37. Moses Thompson

  38. I will thank You!

  39. tragic! no?

  40. Weekly Blog Reviews #6


  42. “Poisonous Pets” or GOD: Who Do You Want To Hold Onto

  43. Comments Were All Answered Until……

  44. Heresy

  45. Write for 30 minutes a day update

  46. Jo’s Monday walk : Aira Force

  47. The Falling Apart Bible

  48. Moradores criam sinais de trânsito em miniatura para pequenos animais   (Residents create miniature street signs for small animals)

  49. ‘That darn Ben Carson!’ Actor James Woods goes after mainstream media for attacks

  50. Is Kiwiblog truly a “liberal” blog?

  51. Is It Time for Forgiveness: Lay Your Burden Down

  52. BREAKING: 5th Circuit Court Upholds Injunction Against Obama Executive Immigration Amnesty DAPA…

  53. Change Your Minds

  54. The Fear of Falling Failure

  55. Next to you

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