My Article Read (11-8-2015)


Glasses, Coffee, Newspaper

  1. Its a Free Kingdom – Kingdom of Heaven

  2. Your Life, Your Way

  3. God renews His promise to give Abram the land: Part One, Genesis 15:7-11

  4. C.S. Lewis on avoiding God

  5. Sticky Note to God 10.11.15

  6. Permission to Live

  7. Morning’s Here

  8. B&W Documentary Photography – Cuba

  9. Pursuing Passion through Handcrafted Travel Art

  10. Remember

  11. Picasso painting sells for over 67 million dollars…

  12. Outrage: IRS is enabling illegal immigrants identity theft…

  13. Amusing: Ben Carson raises $3.5 million in one week after media declares war on him…

  14. a cat is a cat is a…..

  15. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  16. Happy Caturday

  17. Quote Of The Day — November 08, 2015

  18. Ranger in Iraq Shows That ISIS is Winning

  19. Business or Hobby | How to Become A Famous Blogger

  20. When Bloggership meet…we did!

  21. Madeira – Pico do Arieiro

  22. Life In Our Neck Of The Woods – An Update

  23. Religious differences

  24. Acra at Last? Site of Ancient Jewish Revolt Unearthed

  25. About Me

  26. A Moral Pronouncement

  27. VIDEO Ted Cruz DESTROYS Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein on Senate floor

  28. Prayer Changes Everything ~

  29. Colin Craig makes Cameron Slater right & Craig’s defenders wrong

  30. Jeb Bush Wants You To Leave The Republican Party….

  31. Yahweh, we thank You!

  32. Rushing for a Savings! Where is the Rush?

  33. Ok

  34. Blooming PNG – Tropical Flowers

  35. Progressive Puritans Ban “My Boomerang Won’t Come Back”

  36. Religion vs Gospel

  37. Father’s Day

  38. Books to make you a better writer (Link)

  39. Fotógrafo faz road trip de 3 meses pela Nova Zelândia e mostra o resultado em fotos incríveis  (Photographer makes road trip of 3 month tour of New Zealand and shows the result in amazing photos)

  40. Buffalo on the Ridge

  41. Sunrise Inspirational Service

  42. 90 Days to nowhere… Submarine Documentary 1977 « theleansubmariner

  43. Journey to Finding ME: Day 1

  44. 10 Excellent Blog Posts Seen Recently

  45. Say No To Negativity

  46. Ann’s Corner

  47. If I May Be Allowed To Show Off….

  48. Writing about adversity…

  49. A quiet pain

  50. Help Pal, Grannies House is Haunted!!!

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