My Article Read (11-7-2015)


Dog, Newspaper


  2. Not a day goes by

  3. Neglected Caroline – 10 / 10/15

  4. Ask Auntie Linda, October 10, 2015

  5. Waiting On The Lord ~

  6. Meet Candy Carson, the Anti–Michelle Obama

  7. Misusing the Bible

  8. Buddy Gadiano sparkles like diamond in Dubai

  9. Nuggets – Humanity’s First Job

  10. The Last People on Earth – The Gentle People

  11. Why isn’t the media interested in Hillary Clinton’s lie about facing sniper fire in Bosnia?

  12. Never a peep of a question about the lying Muslim though

  13. No posting today

  14. Memo: Hackers went after State Department personal emails while Clinton was SecState

  15. Quote Of The Day — November 07, 2015

  16. Eight Classic Reasons to Leave the Democrat Party

  17. Putin Crony Found Dead in DC Hotel Room

  18. The refugee flow towards Europe – on the move

  19. Confessions of a pastor’s daughter:Follow your dreams

  20. I’ll find a way

  21. When Things Go South –Blog

  22. Madeira – Whale watching

  23. The Joy of the Lord

  24. Every moment

  25. An elephant moved in

  26. Ben Carson Press Conference Tonight – Discusses Controversies and Confronts Media…

  27. I Am Thankful For Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures

  28. God Has a Great Plan for Your Life

  29. Avbryt projekt Trosa förbifart – synpunkter till Trafikverket   (Cancel project Panty förbifart – comments to the Swedish Road Administration)

  30. 15 Reasons to Read the Bible

  31. Six word Saturday

  32. Fatal Attack on The Reckless Mountain Boys

  33. Be Brave and get more followers

  34. O maior prêmio para as menores fotos  ( The highest award for the smallest pictures)

  35. A flower dropped

  36. Science Fiction

  37. Other paths to heaven? – The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  38. Whittle, Cruz, and Polls

  39. Scared Straight?

  40. Garden Finds – What Is This Object’s Story?

  41. The Name Story

  42. Infinite Sky Poem

  43. Traveling and Moving ✈

  44. Wordless Saturday – On the Edge

  45. Buzzy, Congratulating Himself on a Job Well-done!

  46. today’s prayer: I pray you become fire pot and flaming torch

  47. Joyful ‘Toons – Lawn Mower

  48. Fertile Imagination

  49. TEARS

  50. Solution Saturday: Stress Free Problem-Solving



Left Over Articles

  1. The safest place you can be

  2. Sticky Note From God 10.10.15

  3. Neglected Caroline – 10/11/15

  4. The grieving heart

  5. All Wet

  6. Spin (off) Blog Genre

  7. Rise and shine

  8. Tropical Plants – Heliconia

  9. Bowe Bergdahl: Tortured? Only His Word – Promotions Coming for Defenders?

  10. Democrat National Committee Tells Their Own Vice-Chair Not To Attend Debate…

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