My Article Read (11-4-2015)


Coffee, Coursant, Newpaper

  1. Candid Photography Essay – Family Fun In England

  2. Fleet Caroline – (best of #1)

  3. To the Saints of the 21st Century

  4. Invest in yourself 

  5. Nuggets -Magnificent Obsession

  6. Why We Love The Little Big Club at Hard Rock Hotel Cancun

  7. Ask Auntie Linda, October 9, 2015

  8. Happy Place

  9. CNN Tracks Down Latino Trump Supporter To Question Her About Las Vegas Event…

  10. Every time I pause

  11. SF Sheriff Mirkarimi who released five-times-deported Mexican who killed Katie Steinle gets crushed in election…

  12. What We No Longer Have:

  13. Col. B. Bunny:

  14. Oozing from the Universities

  15. Amateurs vs. professionals

  16. Why friends don’t let friends farm drunk

  17. Quote Of The Day — November 04, 2015

  18. Obama forces male and female school kids to shower together

  19. Ilustrador transforma fotos tristes de crianças em guerras em ilustrações cheias de esperança   (Illustrator turns sad photos of children in wars in illustrations full of hope)

  20.  Council Question of the Week: Can The Way Political Debates are Held Be Improved?

  21. Verses and prayers for our nation and elected leaders

  22. ‘Hallelujah!’ San Fran sheriff who gave sanctuary to Kate Steinle killer LOSES election!

  23. A Ship That Was Missing For Over A Hundred Years Turns Up On Sonar. You Will NOT Believe What A Crew Found!

  24. About Page Examples I Good vs Bad

  25. Blog Reviews! WeeeeeEeeee…..eee

  26. The Legend of Refuses to Hate

  27. Refuses to Hate – The Vision

  28. Refuses to Hate – No More Violence

  29. You have to read how this 8 year old explained God

  30. Ten Points To Change Your Life forever

  31. Madeira – Garaju

  32. Dance of Dragons ( Loyalty Award)

  33. Court told marriage fight really about targeting Christians

  34. Confessions of a pastor’s daughter series: Growing up

  35. Faith Rises ~

  36. Continue earnestly in prayer!


  38. Moonbat Representative Claims SNL “Endangering Latinos” With Donald Trump as Guest Host….

  39. At The Foot of The Cross

  40. God’s Word

  41. Audio books saved my life!

  42. Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of a Healthy Diet

  43. Worth the read – powerful

  44. Team Cruz Use CNBC Debate For Really Good Political Ad….

  45. Eventually Something Will Give

  46. Wednesday’s Words

  47. The Beach

  48. Crying in the Pain

  49. How to Interpret the Meaning of Life

  50. The Lord Is My Strength


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