I Know It About Time I Got It Done.


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I am talking about my about page. Now you know I don’t just procrastinate for a few days but a few years, lol. Here it goes.

My real name is Kathleen (aka Lafayette Angel). My friends and family call me Kathy or Kat.

I live in the Hoosier state, Indiana.

I am 58 years old,

I have a lovely daughter named Ashley. She is 25 years old. When doctors told my ex and me our chances of having a child were slim to none. God gave us the slim chance. Ashley is our miracle baby, Smile. This is my daughter.


Ashley 1

My daughter drew and color the female squirrel writer I use as a avatar. My daughter is quite the artist. I had to get a brag in there, lol.

I am not a selfie person so I don’t have a recent picture of myself. I do have a picture from a couple years back. I am not sure who took it but they thought it would be cute to catch me off guard. lol. The sneaks run in the family, Open-mouthed smile.




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32 thoughts on “I Know It About Time I Got It Done.

      1. Great job on getting you page done and actually knowing how to get the pic posted:)) I get challenged easily with technology. I just started blogging in January, so I invite you to check out my site and follow me back if interested. I believe that its important to support others on this site as we all are working to encourage others:)) Keep up the great work!!

  1. Doctors also told my husband and I that our chances were VERY slim for a pregnancy, and my son, Ken, is my miracle baby, after praying a prayer similar to Hannah’s prayer in 1 Samuel 1:10. I prayed for God to give me a son I could bring up for Him, and God did that. We had our miracle baby and I in turn brought him up to know God…..

  2. Hi Lafayette, today I had to come find out who is the beautiful soul behind the pings I get on my posts. First, I’m happy about your miracle. I am a believer myself and when I hear of such great doings from God, I have to stop and say He (God) is the real deal! Secondly, thanks for taking your time to read my posts. It means a lot, thank you

  3. Hi Kathy, it’s a real pleasure to meet you. I found your blog through a tweet from one of my followers and I like what I see here. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Have a great day! Steph

  4. Kathleen, friend, it has been a real honor for me, to see that even I haven’t posted anything in sometime, you have been a reader of my post, so I thought I should give you the good news first. That is, I got a Job, a Job from God, to bring Him to His People and His People to him, now obviously for that I needed a place to write, so God told me why not do what you are good at? Why don;t you make a blog? And thus came into existence, a blog of God, through me, if you feel like do have a visit. I would love to have you there friend. Hugs
    Love. Oh and this is the new address.

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