My Article Read (11-3-2015)


Cat, Newspaper1

  1. HE LIFTS US UP: Scars

  2. Neglected Caroline – 10/8/15

  3. VIDEO How MB Obama would get a Third Term – MB Obama Gun Grab Agenda Not Welcome In Roseburg

  4. The Carnal Desire to Make Good

  5. Sticky Note From God 10.08.15

  6. B&W Street Photography Essay – Istanbul, Turkey


  8. Our Lives Are All Different and Yet The Same

  9. Iran Nuclear Loophole: Courts Tend to Uphold Existing Law – Shock! Will They?

  10. Thoughts From an Inlander

  11. Inside a Chicago classroom…Update: Best to watch it now as it’s being pulled from other sites…

  12. Wild Bill: Are we a nation of laws?…

  13. Lexington Democratic Mayor Jim Gray denies he is a KKK member…

  14. Our Optimistic Father

  15. Social Justice Warriors Fail

  16. At least the Poles still have guts and pride.

  17. ‘South Park Shows How to Defeat the Social-Justice Warriors

  18. Sixty-seven years ago today

  19. Most Transparent Administration Ever: No, you can’t see Obama’s emails to Hillary at her private address he didn’t know about

  20. Quote Of The Day — November 03, 2015

  21. The Trump Phenomenon Explained

  22. God hates manipulated prophecy

  23. Bill Clinton on Debate Commission Board

  24. So long, fare well

  25. Monochrome Monday: Speed Skating

  26. The Value of A Sharp B.E.A.K. with A Thorn

  27. The Ocean of Grace

  28. Knowing The Secrets Of Being Successful

  29. “Sketchy Business” – Ted Cruz Campaign Puzzled By Silence of Pro-Cruz SuperPacs?….

  30. Madeira – Azulejos and Toboggan

  31. The Legend of Refuses to Hate

  32. Rejoice or Grumble

  33. Great Marriage Quotes

  34. Merry Message

  35. UnAnswered Comments Part 2

  36. Transformation ~


  38. Yet I will Rejoice in Yahweh!

  39. If I Could Only See Through Your Eyes

  40. Tears from a fallen son

  41. Falling… and Then Getting Up

  42. Obama Says Republicans Can’t Handle Putin, “They Don’t Have Reset Button”   (Satire)

  43. 10 Interesting Key Facts and Figures about Blogging, Bloggers should know

  44. Gentle breeze enhances entire ambiance

  45. Royal photographer captures beautiful moments the regal way

  46. I believe in the magic of books

  47. 10 Ways to Seize Leadership’s Greatest Opportunity

  48. Kamikaze From Kalmykia — Samurai Uncle Sasha

  49. Together all the time

  50. B&W Street/Portrait Photography Essay – Geneva, Switzerland

  51. In All Eyes – Short Story

  52. The Bread of Life

  53. RINO-plasty

  54. Motivational Quotes (Watch The Video)

  55. To sing or not to sing

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