The Alphabet Of Christian Living



  1. A Is For Adventure

  2. A Is For Adventure (Updated)

  3. A Is For Ambassador

  4. A Is For Awake

  5. A Is For Accountability

  6. B Is For Banner

  7. B And F Is For Beautiful Feet

  8. C Is For Courage

  9. C Is For Charity

  10. C Is For Compassion

  11. C Is For Compassion (Updated)

  12. C Is For Community

  13. D Is For Difference

  14. D Is For Dance

  15. E Is For Encourage

  16. F Is For Freedom

  17. F Is For Fire

  18. G Is For Generosity

  19. H Is For Honor

  20. H Is For Hugs

  21. I Is For Integrity

  22. J Is For Justice

  23. J Is For Justice (Revised)

  24. K Is For Kindness

  25. L Is For Love

  26. M Is For Manager

  27. M Is For Mercy

  28. O Is For Obedience

  29. P Is For Participate

  30. P Is For Peace

  31. R Is For Rejoice

  32. R Is For Responsibility

  33. S Is For Service

  34. S Is For Stewardship

  35. S Is For Sharing

  36. T Is For Thankful

  37. W Is For Watchman

  38. W Is For Warrior

  39. W Is For Wisdom


10 thoughts on “The Alphabet Of Christian Living

  1. Friend, first of all I thank God for it he who showed me the way that your alphabet list could be compete. Hallelujah
    Now these are the alphabets and the meanings which were not present in your blog, which is not fulfilled by God.
    N is for Nobel, For we are brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ, sharers of his Kingdom
    Q is for Quite. For in it when we are quite from the noise of the world, we can actually hear the word of God
    U in for Understanding Understanding the Love of God,then only we can understand his scriptures and then we can know what God has planned for us, and then we can know our God.
    V in Variation Well Christianity is full diversity, for diversity is the will of God, it is division that is diabolic.
    X for Xesús which means Jesus in Galician
    Y for Yahweh the God of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, of you and me.
    Z for Zechariah which means The Lord has remembered
    God Bless you friend,
    Peace be with you.

      1. Awesome I believe God is granting you the power and strength to write on these alphabets too, and include them in your list, which is absolute good, as I see.
        And if you do this ignore, if you don’t its just a request from a brother to a sister, in Jesus Christ, ask God to open your eyes, open your minds, your imaginations, your creativity and most importantly your heart, that may God direct your entire writings, of what you are writing. So that they no longer be called as your alone, but God’s through you. Hallelujah.God Bless you friend.

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