My Article Read (11-1-2015)


Cat, Computer

  1. Bagong Bayani in Qatar helps change the world

  2. Yeah, you will bravely take a bullet for Jesus but will you live for Him just as boldly?

  3. Travel Photography Essay – Niger

  4. Ready to fly

  5. Nuggets – With Christ

  6. 10 Successful Professionals Share What They Wish They Knew in College

  7. Elaborate Plan

  8. Ask Auntie Linda, October 8, 2015

  9. Moments full of you

  10. Reddit, Subreddits and What You Need To Know

  11. CNBC executive over debate once worked for Clinton White House…

  12. How the devil devours and destroys

  13. An oldie and a goodie

  14. Police Harassment Explained

  15. The Poster Boy I Met

  16. ‘America’s Soft Tyranny is Hardening’

  17. In your lifetime, liberty dies:

  18. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  19. Candy trading guide

  20. Quote Of The Day — November 01, 2015

  21. Judge Jeanine Pirro – GOP Debate Fall Out with Herman Cain

  22. Newt Gingrich: Odds are 1 in 3 Hillary Getting Indicted

  23. Beautifully broken.

  24. Featured Photographer: Don Sutherland

  25. Autumn

  26. Yes – you CAN lose your salvation!!

  27. Dealing With Close-Mindedness

  28. CCY photo challenge: Leading lines

  29. Solution Saturday: Afraid to Leap

  30. The senator choses between Heaven and Hell

  31. Madeira – Introduction

  32. What’s hot and What’s Not?


  34. Christmas Cards – Yes I know It is ONLY November 1

  35. Inspirational Song for Today: More Than You Think I AM

  36. Never be afraid to try!

  37. O mundo antes de ir dormir   (The world before going to sleep)

  38. Moderna visioner för Trosa    (Modern visions of Panty)

  39. The Return of the Cicadas

  40. Give Up Your Pride And Still Retain Your Dignity

  41. The Amber Alert Was Everywhere

  42. Daily – Denver

  43. the unbelieving Jews: The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  44. The Beauty of Survival

  45. New evidence: Email from Libya warned State Dept. NOT to lie and blame attack on video

  46. Poetry – The Beauty Of Language

  47. A prayer of healing


  49. Kids and Psyche Wards…

  50. A little ‘Ta Dah’ moment

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