My Article Read (10-31-2015)


Cat Tail, Newspaper

  1. A love story –

  2. Domestic helper-turned engineer inspires OFWs in Hong Kong

  3. Due to the impending apocalypse, I wouldn’t make any plans for tomorrow

  4. Protecting The Left Flank – Hillary Clinton No Longer Supports Trans-Pacific Trade Deal She Created (Video)….

  5. MB Obama’s refugee resettlement plan stirs battle with states

  6. Quiet Heroes

  7. Ask Auntie Linda, October 7, 2015

  8. Sticky Note From God 10.07.15

  9. Possibilities

  10. Common Core Middle East, North Africa Conf. for US State Department Schools

  11. Halloween…

  12. Chart of the Day: GOP voters now officially hate Mitch McConnell…

  13. Because only whites are racist….

  14. Happy Halloween

  15. Halloween gets a cat scan

  16. Happy Caturday — Halloween edition

  17. #RaiseTheWage: We tried to warn you, Seattle, but you wouldn’t listen, and so…

  18. Quote Of The Day — October 31, 2015

  19. The truth about the GOP establishment as told by a former Congressman

  20. N&F Poll #3 – Who are Your Favorite GOP Candidates?

  21. Samhain, Halloween, All Hallows Eve….

  22. ONE GOD

  23. Fine Art Photography Essay – Indonesia & Malaysia

  24. Russian Passenger Jet Crashes in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula

  25. Russian President Vladimir Putin Claims that Global Warming is a “Fraud”

  26. Quentin Tarantino Backlash Continues Among Police Groups

  27. Halloween WWII Style

  28. Cleansing Our Homes and Relationships – Becoming A Godly Wife

  29. WPC photo challenge: Treat

  30. Life Is Good~

  31. Venting…..

  32. USA – Final impression

  33. Ideas on Blogging and Following

  34. Decorating completed

  35. Commie attacks on freedom of expression endorsed by so called RW blogs

  36. Flying by the seat… – The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  37. A Preview The Fox Business Debate – Will It Be Different From CNBC? You Decide…

  38. Songs For the Broken…

  39. NZ Media Refuse To Expose Hillary Clinton’s Lies

  40. Forces of darkness

  41. 9 Steps to Better Communication Today

  42. Six word Saturday

  43. Motivational Quotes, Songs and Posts

  44. Why I Consider That My Opinions Could Be Wrong

  45. Book Synopsis – what do you think?

  46. The Desert Process

  47. The Word of Faith Movement

  48. Light of The World


  50. The Time Has Come

  51. CHILLING new details suggest Russian crash killing 224 was NO ACCIDENT


Left Over Articles
  1. Engineer in Saudi on a mission to uplift the image of Filipinos in the desert

  2. Donald Trump Rebukes Establishment, Defends Ben Carson’s Comment On Right To Self Defense

  3. Parents, Please Don’t Forget How Strange the Bible Is

  4. Sticky Note to God 10.08.15

  5. Better Days

  6. B&W Street Photography Essay – Europe

  7. A Sweaty Palm Definition of Success

  8. Marcus Bird on C.R.E.A.T.E


  10. Spencer Stone Stabbed Repeatedly: Hero of French Train Attack Stabbed in Sacramento

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