My Article Read (10-27-2015)


Baby, Newspaper

  1. Welcome New Followers Part 2

  2. How To Impress a Woman/Man

  3. Sticky Note From God 10.05.15

  4. A Growing Trend In Dunkin Donuts – Refuse Service To Police Officers…

  5. Habits of Successful People: Watching Less Television

  6. Trust in Yahweh with all your heart!


  8. B&W Street Photography Essay – Germany

  9. TRIFECTA – Evil in the Name of Good:

  10. First Filipina elected City Councilor of Rome inspires new generation of OFWs

  11. Planned Parenthood TX Abortion Apprentice Taught Partial-Birth Abortion to “Strive For” Intact Heads…

  12. Donald Trump is right about stopping ISIS. Cut off their oil sales…

  13. Unassimilated human garbage:

  14. Nanny says….

  15. Opens this weekend

  16. Remember kids, when you say someone is “hard-working,” you’re a racist

  17. Quote Of The Day — October 27, 2015

  18. Ted Cruz: GOP leadership refused to take steps to kill Iran nuclear deal

  19. Gov. Abbott: Sanctuary City Policies Will ‘No Longer be Tolerated in Texas’

  20. USA – Orange Yellowstone

  21. Harris-Perry to Guest: ‘Hard Worker’ Is Offensive Term Due to Slavery, Working Women

  22. C.R.E.A.T.E Chapter 3

  23. Emotions, emotions.

  24. Removed: Photographer Removes Phones From His Photos To Show How Terribly Addicted We’ve Become

  25. Time for a Hail Mary? School Further Threatens To Fire Praying Football Coach

  26. Triage

  27. Thrown Out!

  28. What’s Halloween to you?

  29. Announcing Mostly Blogging & Michael’s Origins Unite!

  30. Falling Star: Send in the Clown – 3rd Stage Fall

  31. The passion that offended many…..

  32. Living a life of significance……

  33. The passion that offended many…..

  34. Crimes of Society — Poetry

  35. Dear Vegetable Lovers – Vegetables Cause Depression

  36. Let Me Count the Tears ~

  37. RINO Romney Goes Public, Spills Beans On ‘ENEMY’ Conservative Media

  38. Cheap Religion

  39. Safe and Sound

  40. Everyone can help someone

  41. Blessed . . .

  42. Ask Auntie Linda, October, 26, 2015

  43. Spousal Rape – Domestic Violence Awareness

  44. “Cold Anger” – Mark Levin Explains Why “Conservatives” Don’t Trust The GOPe Globalists…


  46. Spring Valley South Carolina – Non-Compliant Student Forcibly Removed By High School Resource Officer….

  47. Motivational Quotes For Tuesday

  48. Families of Victims Murdered by Illegal Aliens Storm Washington: ‘The Killer of My Only Child Served Only 35 Days in Jail!’

  49. Islamic invasion pulls trigger: Europe now scrambles for guns

  50. Do you plan to seek God?

  51. Living a life of purpose

  52. King Solomon, Is Donald Trump a Fool? Part 3……..

  53. Great Questions In the Bible-Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

  54. Amsterdam in Autumn

  55. Either your a Woman of Virtue or Your A Worldly Woman


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