My Article Read (10-26-2015)


Wife, Baby, Soldier, Newspaper

  1. When This Passing World is Done – Robert Murry McCheyne (1813 – 1843)

  2. Welcome New Followers

  3. Outstanding physician spreads healing power in Australia

  4. Rules Guys wished Girls Knew

  5. PerFectIon

  6. Spiritual Fruit Comes Only from Spiritual Life

  7. VIDEO Muslims’ call for Ben Carson to withdraw from race BACKFIRES big time, Take CAIR’s Tax Exempt Status

  8. Hello, Goodbye (Guest Commentary)

  9. USA – before Mesa Verde

  10. Clinton and Abedin – Facts versus Democrat Party Rants

  11. Dr. Ben Carson on Abortion…

  12. Witchcraft

  13. How did mothers ever manage

  14. Black Lives Matter seek debate forum

  15. Speaking of Justice

  16. The tool every teacher needs

  17. (Video) Such lovely people. Let’s give them their own state, shall we?

  18. Quote Of The Day — October 26, 2015

  19. Email proves Hillary Clinton Lied About Benghazi to Help Obama Win Re-election

  20. DEAD OR ALIVE, or just lukewarm….

  21. USA – Grand Teton

  22. Clergy Surrounds Donald Trump: Prays for Strong Black Man to Stand With Him

  23. Gun-waving ‘kill cops and white people’ activist thought a black woman judge would let her off easy – WRONG!

  24. Actor Seth Rogen’s vulgar ‘F-you’ to Ben Carson came back to BITE him big time!

  25. Transitions

  26. I was alone

  27. Ideas for Blogging

  28. Cold Anger Logic – Interview Segment Shows Exactly Why Donald Trump Will Be Next President in Landslide Victory….

  29. Trust is Given Not Earned

  30. Care and beauty

  31. Godly Fear ~

  32. 100 Blog Topics I Hope YOU Write

  33. The 12 Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Blog

  34. MB Obama Regime Bribing Businesses To Hire Foreigners Instead Of Americans – TX Dem Wants To Ban ‘Illegal’

  35. Christian Metaphors

  36. Jesus Heals on The Sabbath


  38. A Star is Born – An All Around Artist

  39. Attkisson: “Sanctuary Crime” – Murder By Illegal Alien is Much Worse Than Media Presents…

  40. Domestic Abuse Awareness Month – 3 Steps to Help a Friend in Need

  41. Christ Is Everywhere

  42. Victims~~ Trust Your Instinct!

  43. The Book Of Numbers -Week 1- Chapters 1-5 And Monday’s Bible Verseay

  44. Follow your dreams.

  45. Jo’s Monday walk : Thorp Perrow

  46. HATRED (Guest Post)

  47. Why do computer games make me bad tempered?

  48. Monday’s Mention

  49. Why I Believe It Is Time for a Fresh Start

  50. Broken Lance

  51. My reviews & Lazyass Bloggers

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