My Article Read (10-24-2015)


Toodler, Newspaper

  1. Fast food crew-turned-engineer shares secret to building dreams

  2. A Hero….and so are you 😀

  3. Nuggets -Acceptable Sacrifices

  4. Fifth Round of Good Memes Refuting Defense of Planned Parenthood

  5. God Was First to Say, “You Are My Friends”

  6. Sticky Note From God 10.04.15

  7. Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal Framed To Destroy Thousands of UAW Jobs…


  9. Blooming idiot

  10. Haiku # 122

  11. Father of Benghazi Victim: Hillary is a liar…

  12. Lois Lerner legacy lives on

  13. Happy Caturday

  14. Quote Of The Day — October 24, 2015

  15. United Nations – Closer Look Part I

  16. Nero (Dems) fiddle (Celebrate) the Iran nuclear deal

  17. It’s the heart I tell ya

  18. ~ ANGEL LIGHT ~


  20. Fly high

  21. A Men’s Movement?

  22. You were bought with a price!

  23. Parsley nutrition facts

  24. Et Tu Brute’ – Behind The Scenes Pressure Upon The House Freedom Caucus…

  25. Blogging

  26. Six word Saturday

  27. Broken Man

  28. I got a Blog Review from Opinionated Man! 🙂

  29. The Prophecy – Art Project

  30. Jesus Among His People – SoS Saturday

  31. Archivist’s Attic: The Fastest Seabees – The Forgotten Fifty-five

  32. Star Fin an original animated short

  33. Designer cria mesa de escritório que vira mesa de bar para receber amigos   (Designer creates desks that turns into a bar table to receive friends)

  34. I’m Baaaaaaack!!

  35. Solution Saturday: A Job But Needs Authority

  36. King Solomon, Is Donald Trump a Fool?

  37. King Solomon, Is Donald Trump a Fool?  (Comment and Reblog)

  38. Transitioning

  39. Pots and Kettles: Part 34,295

  40. Songs in the Wind

  41. Do You Need A New Brain?

  42. Saturday Motivational Quotes –

  43. A Medley of Obama’s Treason and Weakness

  44. Polio

  45. 4 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog!

  46. Neglected Caroline – 10 / 24/15

  47. Twenty Arguments For The Existence Of God

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