My Article Read (10-21-2015)


Soldier, Newspaper

  1. Filipino shines at the world’s youngest country

  2. Sufferings

  3. Great Expectations

  4. Pew Poll: Donald Trump Carries More Support Than Fiorina, Rubio and Bush Combined…

  5. PA Man Who Wrongly Served 34 Years Exonerated Based on New DNA Evidence, Wrongful Conviction Day

  6. Sticky Note to God 10.03.15

  7. Arne Duncan Resigns: Remember Who He is & Why Obama Chose Him – Gird Your Loins

  8. Broken hearts

  9. How to create a positive attitude

  10. Man and his Maker – Servant of God – The Filling Station

  11. Dr. Anca-Maria Cernea Slaps down the Synod Fathers…

  12. New emails: Obama admin considered blaming Benghazi on a different YouTube video before settling on “Innocence of Muslims”

  13. It is not good for Man to be alone

  14. Screwing the consumer – yet again:

  15. Halloween!!! Almost there…..

  16. War on Trump — spoiler alert

  17. In your face

  18. Quote Of The Day — October 21, 2015

  19. Texas Governor Abbott Has Three Words for Hillary

  20. Reject Paul Ryan as Speaker

  21. Yep

  22. 15 Bible Verses and a Prayer About Provision

  23. USA – Bryce Canyon

  24. The Doors to heaven?

  25. Breaking – Two Days Before Hillary Testifies, State Dept Releases 1,300 Pages of Ambassador Stevens Emails…

  26. A Blameless, Clueless President

  27. What is Christian Gnosticism?

  28. How To Promote Your Blog!

  29. Digital Art – Angels…

  30. We Need a Revival ~

  31. Doting on the Past

  32. What’s That Smell?

  33. Dreams

  34. Why I Blog on WordPress

  35. Speaking to a Man….

  36. Forever

  37. A wise man will . . .

  38. We Can’t Pick And Choose Who To Love

  39. “Note to Self”~~ Red Flags of Abuse

  40. There lived a nutty nut in a town, he was called Insha

  41. Who am I?

  42. Weekly Blog Reviews #2

  43. A Slight Adjustment to My Blogging Schedule Effective Immediately

  44. Adorável Animal cerâmica feito pelo artista polonês “Clay Opera”   (Adorable Animal ceramics made by Polish artist “Clay”)

  45. Wednesday’s Meditation Quotes, Video And Tips – October 21, 2015

  46. Once Saved Always Saved?

  47. Give Her A Voice

  48. I Was There

  49. Bears for Christmas

  50. Bernie Sanders’ Debt To Religious Freedom – Before You Buy into all the Lies about How Wonderful Socialism is…

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