My Article Read (10-19-2015)



  1. Ruben Santos showcases designs in UAE

  2. All God’s People – In times like these

  3. A list of reasons why I’m glad I’m not a modern man

  4. What No One Seems To Know About Ted Cruz’s Past

  5. You Cannot Worship God Without Loving Him

  6. B&W Street Photography Essay – Chicago, USA

  7. Dear Auntie Linda, October 2, 2015

  8. Positive vs. Negative Attitude

  9. In Christ Alone~

  10. They Find Me

  11. Is the entire country suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?…

  12. Bernie Sanders wants to raise the payroll tax on everyone to pay for his paid family and medical leave.

  13. Why Prosperity Evades MANY Christians

  14. It’s about the about, stupid

  15. The new global threat is climate indifference

  16. Someone left the irony on

  17. (Video) Why is modern art so bad?

  18. Quote Of The Day — October 19, 2015

  19. The Heavens Declare

  20. Yep

  21. USA – Arches

  22. Jag ser in i en trasig spegel,  (I am looking into a broken mirror,)

  23. Akita Lapdog

  24. Remember When?

  25. God is Ever Present ~

  26. Weak Christianity Tends toward Humanism

  27. VIDEO Riots, Fires, Looting Ahead in America, Yes – Another Denomination Falls Away

  28. Sage Gargle — Sore Throat and Sinus Corrective

  29. Why we love Canadian Thanksgiving!

  30. Letters to Daddy 10

  31. “Girls Are Psychologically Soft?”

  32. Thirty Three

  33. Prayer Request – Christians in Aceh


  35. HE LIFTS US UP: Repentant Hearts…Let Go of Pride

  36. GOPe Leadership and Democrats Preparing To Support Paul Ryan and Wage War Against Conservative Base…

  37. (Extra)ordinary

  38. God’s Train

  39. a very difficult passage in Matthew 25:31-46: separates the sheep from the goats

  40. Worship

  41. Jo’s Monday walk : Fabrica to Cacela Velha

  42. Fotógrafo capta o misterioso mundo dos caracóis em incríveis imagens macro  (Photographer captures the mysterious world of snails in amazing images macro)

  43. April 1943 (1)

  44. Almost Saved Is Not Good Enough

  45. Satisfied – Kingdom of Heaven

  46. Monday’s Many Mini’s

  47. The Democrat Debate: a wasted evening

  48. Music- O.C. Smith Little Green Apples

  49. Love at the Beach

  50. The Big Four (+Giveaway from Dive Inspire)

  51. Medicine – A Dance Film

  52. C.R.E.A.T.E Chapter 2

  53. Sincerity

  54. Move the Deer Crossings

  55. Facebook Personal Page Vs Group And Fan Pages

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