My Article Read (10-11-2015)


Dog, Glasses, Newspaper

  1. Let Me Off!

  2. A Young German Girl Greets a Newly Arrived Young Refugee Girl

  3. Nurse commits time to life-saving mission

  4. Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Fox News Appearance….


  6. WordPress Bloggers Beware! There is a bad site out there! Part 3

  7. Oh for the sake of joy

  8. Nuggets – He Shall Judge the World

  9. You are near

  10. Witness

  11. Bill Whittle: Solution to Gun Control…

  12. Flashback Video: Paul Ryan BEGS Congress to Pass TARP ( PATHETIC )

  13. Privacy Alert: Verizon to track people with super cookies…

  14. He got paid how much for this crap?

  15. GOP nightmare:

  16. Quote Of The Day — October 11, 2015

  17. Gingrich: Fire anyone who thought Putin would focus on ISIS

  18. EPA Did It Again – Second Toxic Spill in Colorado

  19. An ah ha moment on Obama

  20. Yep

  21. Just a Thought

  22. The church is God’s idea and it is a good one!

  23. USA – Mauna Kea

  24. Broken

  25. Faith Fearful!!

  26. A Letter to the Elect People of God

  27. Joyful ‘Toons – Bouncer


  29. Nice one Steve

  30. VIDEO ATTENTION AMERICA: What Really Went Down In Roseburg – Over a Thousand Protest MB Obama’s presence

  31. VIDEO Ben Carson responds to GQ article: We should pray for them, Lamestream media ‘THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE’

  32. The happy place at the Carriage House

  33. Our Highest Honor: Gabor Dvornik of Budapest Hungary named Recipient of the 2015 The Neighborhood Award

  34. The night Satan came calling

  35. This post should have been published on Wednesday…

  36. Inspirational Song for Today: Speak Life

  37. Nuggets -A Nail in a Sure Place

  38. Jesus died for YOU!

  39. And…Featured is…

  40. Love me.

  41. Old fashion artist makes wonders in Abu Dhabi

  42. Freda Completed – Watercolour Art

  43. Multi-Generational Living

  44. Angelic Visitors

  45. Challenge for Underdaddy

  46. Marriage is good

  47. Tony Campolo on Grace and Universalism

  48. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood!

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