My Article Read (10-10-2015)


Coffee, Newspaper

  1. Nurse supervisor makes headlines in UAE

  2. VIDEO McCarthy on How He Would Differ From Boehner: ‘I Won’t Be As Tanned’

  3. Lovers of Self

  4. Fiscal Year 2015 Ends Today – With It, Our Patience…

  5. How to Hold People Accountable without using Authority

  6. Did Jesus talk about Hell?

  7. Sticky Note to God 09.30.15

  8. The Most Honest Gift to a Teacher I’ve Ever Seen.

  9. Featured Photographer: Selena Shephard

  10. Fading Summer and Falling Leaves

  11. Product Review: Daich SpreadStone Mineral Select Countertop Refinishing Kit…

  12. Hillary Clinton’s Valerie Plame moment…

  13. Turkey seems to be blocking Twitter and Facebook after peace rally bombing kills over 80 people…

  14. The Fred Manifesto:

  15. There’s never a shortage of idiots:

  16. ‘55,000 guns imported each year

  17. Happy Caturday — Barkalounger edition

  18. Unpopular Prez on Unpopular Issue

  19. An ah ha moment on Obama

  20. Quote Of The Day — October 10, 2015

  21. Notes from Senator Cruz’s Office: Thinking the Unthinkable

  22. Dislike Harry Reid? If so, you’re gonna LOVE this!

  23. Yep

  24. Just a Thought

  25. Faith That Works-James Chapter 3

  26. USA – Hawaii

  27. Sunday Respite – ‘The Thrill is Gone’

  28. Strength

  29. Change is Inevitable

  30. Roseburg Rally Goes Viral, Patriots Standing Nationwide

  31. #chili mission accomplished!

  32. Laundry in the 1950’s Part 2

  33. The Neighborhood Short “Film” of the Month: Slenderman The 8 Pages A Reaction!!! Video

  34. The Cold Lazarus – Short Story

  35. Praying For Peace

  36. God Renews His Promise to Abram, Genesis 15:2-7

  37. War Room study – Week one

  38. Nigel Farage Confronts Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande About Failure of EU, Currency and “Refugees”…

  39. Flowers, a Sukkah, and Artsiness

  40. Fun Humor: From the Mouth of Babes!

  41. Trey Gowdy opens can of whoop-a** on top Benghazi committee Dem Cummings in brutal 13-page letter

  42. Just another member of the patriarchy | The Catechesis of Caroline

  43. Why You Should Plunge Your Page into Social Media

  44. Aspects of Dating in the 21st Century

  45. The name of Yahweh . . .

  46. A Little Show of Mercy ~

  47. Everyday Worship

  48. Don’t just quote it, Live It!


  50. Home ~ SoS Saturday

  51. Woman of Faith – Ruth

  52. No Place Like Home

  53. I Spoke and I Speak

  54. Praising the Blood

  55. If You Don’t Like Reblogging, Then Don’t Read

  56. How Obama Ushered in the New Age of Christian Martyrdom



Left Over Articles

  1. Filipina is head nurse in Unicare

  2. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  3. The stimulant of God’s Word

  4. California’s Poverty Rate 44 Percent Higher Than US Average

  5. A PingBack -Found a New Photography Blog.

  6. Greetings!

  7. The True Meaning of Friendship

  8. Degrees of Separation

  9. Fearsome Sails, Ancient and Modern

  10. Ghastly Wound

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