My Article Read (10-8-2015)


Cat, Newspaper1

  1. Filipiniana terno Indulging in Pinoy pride

  2. Someone you know needs to read this…

  3. About These Tax Plans – Establishment Republicans Have A George W. Bush “Tax The Rich” Problem…

  4. What We Shall Be

  5. VIDEO Will Russia’s move ruin Erdogan’s plan for Syria? – Israel Prepares Ground Invasion Of Syria

  6. I am the vine, you are the branches . . .

  7. Sticky Note From God 09.29.15

  8. One Minute Sermon Says It All

  9. Stinking Thinking: What Persona Do You Extend

  10. Jesus died for us

  11. Sen. Cruz Questions Sierra Club President Aaron Mair on Climate Change…

  12. Matt Drudge: Facebook and Twitter are ‘Internet ghettos’…

  13. Amusing: Harvard debate team beaten by prison inmates…

  14. Sometimes when I look in the mirror my dad is looking back at me this is a little spooky

  15. Give ’em to Vladimir to deal with,

  16. Showing Obama and Cameron’s duplicity:

  17. The iron fist is next

  18. Happy birthday, William

  19. Red day for Trump and eminent abuse

  20. Europe’s Rape Epidemic:

  21. Quote Of The Day — October 08, 2015

  22. Wild Bill: Her Cheating Heart

  23. Million Man March – This Saturday – October 10

  24. Whistleblower Says Key Terror Intel Being Ignored

  25. Guard Your Heart

  26. The Word Became Flesh

  27. The Elijah Factor Or How 1 Man Made a Difference- The Prophet Suffers a Setback.

  28. The New Atheism

  29. Yep

  30. USA – Canyon de Chelly

  31. The 5 Ways to Make Yourself Memorable

  32. The Solution We Do Not Want

  33. Revealed: Here’s What The Note The Oregon Shooter Left At The Scene Said

  34. Obama Designates “Muslim Brotherhood” Style Uniform Patch for US Soldiers Fighting ISIS

  35. ISIS beheads three men for TERRORIZING people and another two in front of children for ‘spying’ 

  36. Desert Safari, Dubai

  37. Blackie and the Great Diaper Monster

  38. Beach Day!

  39. Welcome New Followers Part 3

  40. VIDEO SCOTUS Snubbed A Marriage Case Steams On – Jesus On Gender And Marriage

  41. Senate Democrats and Senate Republicans Pass Defense Defense Spending Bill…

  42. IF ~

  43. Striving for Numbers

  44. Shop – Custom Digital Art Portrait

  45. TT12: Can the Lord Trust you with Unhappy Experiences (and Can you Share them with Us)?

  46. Football Has Changed

  47. VERBAL ABUSE: Seeds of Destruction

  48. Create Happiness

  49. Training to Enhance Skills of Cultural Producers

  50. Encounters ~ Big News

  51. Current News – Chesty Puller’s Home

  52. King Solomon, President Obama, Killing (Post 2 of 3)

  53. 20 Things to Do When You’re 30 That Will Make Life Better at 50


  55. Better in the Process | better

  56. Foggy morning at Pocono Manor


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