My Article Read (10-6-2015)


Cat, Computer

  1. God VS Liberalism

  2. Inspiring her countrymen remains on top of an entrepreneur’s list

  3. Hilarious Epic Fail: Anti-Trump Activist Tries To Swarm Trump Tower With Mexican Flowers…

  4. Sticky Note to God 09.29.15

  5. She Made Love Again

  6. The Neuroscience of Why Gratitude Makes Us Happier

  7. Dowsett’s War, Part 5 – New Guinea

  8. What She Saw Changed Her Mind…

  9. Punch Line

  10. When I Suffer

  11. Wyoming high school cancels ‘America Day’

  12. Facebook giving people in Africa free Internet; Poor US kids are still waiting…

  13. Quickies

  14. John “Obama” Key, NZ’s soft left anti-2nd Amendment PM clueless on US Constitution

  15. English major jocularity

  16. Let the people go, Obama

  17. Islam teaching in school

  18. Quote Of The Day — October 06, 2015

  19. Ed Klein to Hillary “Time to Get A Lawyer”

  20. Reid: GOP Needs to Stop ‘Right-Wing Ideological Crusade Fashioned by the NRA’

  21. Spiritual Wisdom

  22. The Elijah Factor Or How 1 Man Made a Difference-The Rain Comes

  23. Amber

  24. USA – Horseshoe Bend

  25. Where YOU are – I AM!!

  26. Just Kidding!

  27. My View on Human Tragedies: Why Some Do What They Do

  28. 10 Ways to Solve Real Problems

  29. Haiku #121

  30. Rainy Days and Mondays…

  31. It has long been settled

  32. Flute’s harmony (contd)

  33. Are Human Beings Naturally Violent And Warlike?

  34. Broken Vessels ~

  35. Be still, and know . . .

  36. Global Rally For Humanity, Nationwide anti-Islam protests Oct 9th and 10th – Muslim Invasion

  37. One lucky Duck -Michael J Fox Front Yard View

  38. The Winsome Saints

  39. School Bans ‘Offensive’ America Day Celebration, Students Still Celebrated Despite Principal’s Orders

  40. PerFectIon

  41. Dear Auntie Linda, October 5, 2015

  42. Deppy and Company in “The Outing: A Tragically Hilarious Comedy” 

  43. How destiny works.

  44. Rape and Murder Trial in Danvers Massachusetts Begins This Week – Philip Chisolm Case…

  45. “How do you visit all those blogs?”

  46. A Thoughtful Response To “Blood And Guns”

  47. The News Is Propaganda

  48. The Eyes… The Window to The Soul!

  49. Are you grateful for what you have?

  50. Digital Art – When Nature Meet Humans – Portrait #6

  51. Graveyard Bog

  52. King Solomon, President Obama, Killing (Post 1 of 3)

  53. New Adventure!

  54. Self Serving

  55. Oregon publisher doubles down on anti-Obama sentiment; ‘Now he wants to come… stand on the corpses of our loved ones’

  56. Cops afraid to drink coffee after Dunkin’ Donuts worker writes on cup in second harassment incident

  57. The Comfort of a Memory Bear

  58. B&W Images From Venezuela

  59. Always…

  60. A Letter To The Church Of The Nations | Part 1 of 2

  61. The Poet’s Tree

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