My Article Read (10-4-2015)


Cat Head, Newspaper

  1. A prayer for intimacy

  2. Filipina is award-winning singer in Middle East

  3. No Place for Fantasy

  4. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  5. I Hear You Lord ~

  6. We Will Overcome!

  7. 5 Ways to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

  8. How the Grace of God Makes You A Naked Christian [Guest Blog]

  9. It shall bloom abundantly, and rejoice even with gilat (rejoicing) and rannein (joyous singing)

  10. Nuggets – Places He Has Been

  11. Trump on Hannity – Full Interview…

  12. Ipsos/Reuters Poll: Donald Trump up to 32% nationally in GOP primary

  13. A Shooter Shows up, THEN AND NOW

  14. What if it were Journalists?

  15. ‘The Coddling of the American Mind

  16. Kiss national sovereignty goodbye

  17. Obama, the judge of weakness

  18. Teamsters plays the ‘player’

  19. Quote Of The Day — October 04, 2015

  20. Judge Jeanine Pirro: Putin Getting His Way in Syria

  21. Cameron Calls Out Obama for Failure to Name Islamism

  22. Gods Not Dead – Sermon

  23. Just a Thought

  24. Growing Up To Be Like Jesus

  25. Yep

  26. USA – Chipmunk

  27. Sunday Respite ‘That’s what I love about Sundays’

  28. Solution Saturday: 10 Ways to Build Vulnerability into Organizational Culture

  29. WoW Trump Effect – CNBC Charging $250,000 Per 30 Second GOP Debate Commercial…

  30. Starlight Blogger Award!

  31. Intense

  32. All Things New ~

  33. VIDEO Canada raids farm for supplying raw milk demand;food freedom activists successfully defend farm with civil disobedience

  34. A Christian Virtue

  35. What is evil?

  36. Inspirational Song for All Victims of Abuse: YOU RAISE ME UP

  37. We, as a Nation, need to pray!

  38. German Wardrobe

  39. George Zimmerman lashes out: ‘POS Obama’ has 2 things in common with UCC shooter

  40. The Winner & Honorable Mention of Bargibanti Quiz

  41. With favor Yahweh will surround!

  42. The Holy Trinity and the Plan of Salvation

  43. King Solomon, Wisdom of Chastity

  44. Tossing thoughts

  45. Haiku #120

  46. All God’s People – Why me Lord?

  47. What Kind of American Leader? Do Focus Polls Make a Leader?

  48. So very much

  49. Progress of the Job Search

  50. Measure of Faith vrs Full of the Spirit : – The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station


  52. Can You Please Send A Hug?

  53. I’m Glad I didn’t Dream Big


  55. Take Me to the Beach

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