My Article Read (10-3-2015)


Bulldog, Newspaper

  1. There Is Only One True Gospel | Justified by Faith | Part 3

  2. Ilongga made it to Western Union’s “Heroes for Better”

  3. Christlike Conduct: The Goal of Christian Faith

  4. Sticky Note to God 09.27.15

  5. Candidate Donald Trump Releases Tax Reform Plan.. (W/ Video)…

  6. Great Kindle Deals for Christian Readers

  7. Quick Temper

  8. Thank God for Our Spiritual Shepherds

  9. Why We Need to Stop Taking Things for Granted

  10. They want to ban the “G Word”

  11. Bernie Sanders” Let’s give illegal immigrants Obamacare…

  12. Meaningless Meaningless.. A Prophetic Word on the Shooting at the College in Oregon

  13. People are Busy Dying

  14. Read and Heed

  15. ‘How to Stop Mass Shootings’

  16. FFS!

  17. Happy Caturday — feline logic edition

  18. (Video) Radical Islam, the world’s most dangerous ideology

  19. Quote Of The Day — October 03, 2015

  20. Just two ways to convince an adversary: Reason or Force

  21. Faith That Works-James Chapter 2

  22. Yep

  23. Are we walking in the Light?

  24. What Measure Faith? – The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  25. It’s All About Jesus: The Christ †



  28. The Word of the Lord, Genesis 15:1

  29. The King of Trees Series by William Burt

  30. Yeah, Definitely Political: Guns, Obama, Joyce Foundation: Targeted SCOTUS Decisions – Funded With Lies, Stifled Descent

  31. The Curious Case of Oregon Shooter Chris Harper-Mercer – A Social Media Profile Shaped, Modified and Deleted…

  32. All’s Well That End’s Well or Don’t Call the Copper


  34. Big God!

  35. Child Sexual Abuse Video~~ Broken Girl

  36. Six word Saturday

  37. Band leader drums up support for Filipinos in distress in Hong Kong

  38. Abundance – SoS Saturday [Kingdom of Heaven]

  39. King Solomon, Abortion Factor the Root Cause of all Human Folly

  40. Young Men. . . . .

  41. Morning Prayers

  42. They Find Me

  43. I will bless YOU (Yahweh)!

  44. Wayag Islands Raja Ampat

  45. Steadfast & Focus

  46. WordPress Glitches -Feedback Please

  47. What have we done? – The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  48. Push myself up

  49. The Freedom Caucus: Why Bother Making Demand List for Kevin McCarthy?

  50. Nuggets – Those Whom God Calls Fools

  51. The White Room

  52. Miss you

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