My Article Read (10-1-2015)


Baby, Bear, Newspaper

  1. 7 Ways To Help Your Kids Embrace Kindness – By Lucy Martial

  2. “The King James Bible is the Truth!”

  3. More Than Talk and Prayer

  4. OAN News: Boehner’s Decision Summary and Donald Trump Interview (Videos)

  5. Filipina is outstanding Bariatric Nurse in Middle East

  6. Mean Girl at the Pearly Gates

  7. Sticky Note From God 09.27.15

  8. Burger King’s Halloween Whopper Review

  9. In the Blink of an Eye the Life You Know Can Change Forever

  10. Yet in all these things . . .

  11. Donald Trump interview with Don Lemon on CNN…

  12. BFF’s forever: Huma had access to Hillary’s private email account…

  13. Australia’s new leftist PM

  14. NZ’s Rosemary McLeod,

  15. John Key wants life long global Marxist as head of UN

  16. Cars vs. trees

  17. Boy beheaded in India

  18. Pelosi and the war on planned parenthood

  19. Quote Of The Day — October 01, 2015

  20. RNC Vice-Chairman Wants McConnell’s Resignation

  21. Florida Town Won’t Pay for Hillary’s Security

  22. Ancient of Days

  23. Just a Thought

  24. Yep

  25. Sun Over the Bayou

  26. Love According to God

  27. USA – New York City

  28. Planned Parenthood Richards caught in lies regarding Mammograms

  29. The Libs can’t handle the disturbing Planned Parenthood videos

  30. Merkel Caught On Hot Mic Requesting “Refugee” Censorship On Facebook…


  32. Folks, here’s what the media WON’T tell you about Russia bombing Syria

  33. REALITY LATELY {01/10/2015}

  34. Ted Cruz: Why Boehner Resigned, Why We Don’t Need Conservatives in Congress

  35. Many bloggers, one body

  36. Magdalene’s Request…

  37. Woah – Reports That Teamsters Union Considering Donald Trump Endorsement….

  38. This Phase of Our History Will Only End Well with Divine Intervention

  39. Orphan Run 4 Hope Project

  40. King Solomon, Refugee Exodus, Abortion Factor Statistics

  41. God’s lost children

  42. My Family is too Familiar with Loss

  43. TT11: 12 na Matalinong Pamamaraan para Maibalik ang Tiwala mo sa Iyong Sarili.

  44. October 5th = C.R.E.A.T.E

  45. The Times They Are A Changin’

  46. VERBAL ABUSE: Cut To Shreds

  47. Biblical Definition

  48. Why Passion Matters: According to 15 of the World’s Most Inspiring People

  49. All at sea

  50. Day #1 – Operation “Cold Anger” Begins…

  51. Joke of the Day

  52. Marine

  53. How to Find Your Creative Spark and Ignite Your Life!

  54. Alaskan Highway – Home Front

  55. Pray With Thanksgiving in Your ♥ ♥ ♥

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