My Article Read (9-30-2015)


Wife, Baby, Soldier, Newspaper

  1. What experts say about finding better jobs in UAE

  2. Thank God it’s no longer embarrassing to go to a Catholic church

  3. Be Filled with Courage

  4. White House Using Screens To Stop Chinese Delegation From Witnessing Protests…

  5. Ask Auntie Linda, September 26, 2015

  6. UN Releases Worldwide Internet Censorship Plan – Pope Lays Out Global Marxist Agenda – Tries To Forcibly Convert USA to Communism Pope

  7. Nuggets – The Ransom Price

  8. I Believe in Praying ~

  9. the man of the Ruach Hakodesh discerns all things

  10. Mooned

  11. Donald Trump: Tax Reform That Will Make America Great Again…

  12. Twitter may allow more than 140 characters?

  13. A Sure Word of Prophecy

  14. Mediocrity= potential without consistency!

  15. LOL

  16. ‘Magnificent speech: the God’s honest truth about the GOP.’

  17. The Muslim President and dhimmi brass:

  18. Pro-immigration stance shows Libertarians still do not get it

  19. Pope Francis pays homage to Marilyn Monroe

  20. ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed traumatized by celebrity and free travel

  21. Search for Competency

  22. Jeb on the ropes, attacks polls

  23. Germany: Migrants In, Germans Out – The Death of Property Rights

  24. Quote Of The Day — September 30, 2015

  25. Migrants Didn’t Know She Spoke Arabic

  26. Canadian Party Leaders Debate Foreign Policy

  27. God Knows Every Star

  28. Just a Thought

  29. 21 Bible Verses on Cultivating Contentment

  30. Hey Preacher!!! Your Conviction is Missing!!!

  31. USA – Introduction

  32. VIDEO One Battlefront, NC Patriots Fighting Back Against RNC Apparatus To Steal Election 2016…

  33. Fight For Speakership – Boehner Admits Collaboration with Pelosi To Fund Infanticide – Unborn Babies 5th, 14th Amend Rights

  34. Why Be Artificial?

  35. Entrepreneur is a blessing to Others

  36. New Design – Memories from the Ocean…

  37. Remembrance

  38. Right Before Our Eyes

  39. A Prisoner of Love

  40. When Words Fail

  41. New Triangulation

  42. Fullness


  44. In a Few Moments

  45. Listen to Your Heart

  46. Tuesday’s Tales

  47. The Proximity Principle

  48. Perfect Timing

  49. Forgetful Minds -Old Age Humor Stories

  50. Love Jesus or burn

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