My Article Read (9-26-2015) (9-27-2015)


Toodler, Newspaper

  1. Just The Way You Are

  2. Battle Of The Brands – Donald Trump and Fox President Roger Ailes Schedule A Meeting…

  3. 45 Amazing Facts Everyone Should Know

  4. Support For Gun Control Continues To Drop – Law Professor Challenges Ban On Guns On Campus

  5. The Reward of Letting Go

  6. Open My Eyes to Jesus

  7. Digital Art – When Nature Meet Humans – Portrait #5

  8. Blessed . . .

  9. It Takes Courage

  10. Requesting Memory Bears

  11. Climate change is at the bottom of the list of concerns for most people…

  12. Happy Caturday

  13. It’s geek to me

  14. Quote Of The Day — September 26, 2015

  15. Hillary is circling the drain – she’s going down this time folks!

  16. Faith That Works-James Chapter 1

  17. Does Archaeology Support the Bible?

  18. Madagascar – Seaside

  19. The Creative Blogger Award

  20. Friday’s Fiction

  21. Is your church a hospital? – The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  22. Katie Hopkins says drowned Aylan photo was “staged”

  23. “Cowboy Was Shunned By Everyone At Upscale Church, But They Never Expected THIS”

  24. INSIDER’S MAG: The Story Within the Story: The Making of a Star in The Underground

  25. Visa-Free countries Filipinos can visit

  26. Blood Moon Preachers Make Me Angry!

  27. You can’t tame a lion

  28. Abram Rescues Lot, Genesis 14

  29. Life Stages of A Dog in Pictures


  31. Major Tripwire Alert – North Carolina GOPe Change Primary – Join FL, OH, IL March 15th…

  32. 7 Devoted Women of Change makes waves in Dubai

  33. Take Heart ~

  34. Atheists Demand Sheriff Remove “In God We Trust;” His One Word Response is Perfect

  35. From Leave It to Beaver to Game of Thrones

  36. We Trust God’s Plan

  37. Knowledge Without Humility Turns to Vanity

  38. The Race to Insignificance or Issues of Greatness

  39. Meet and Greet…and a new Featured tomorrow!

  40. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  41. Those Moments…

  42. The trick to blogging

  43. Still Blogging….

  44. Sticky Note From God 09.25.15

  45. Inspirational Song For Today: Broken Vessels

  46. It was our sins that Crucified Him!

  47. Homeless Dreams

  48. Six word Saturday

  49. The Fruitful Vine ~ SoS Saturday

  50. King Solomon, Refugee Exodus, Laws, Abortion Factor

  51. The Pope Comes to America

  52. Neglected Caroline – 9/26/15

  53. Never more than a thought away

  54. D-CODE

  55. The Sukkot 2015 Calendar – An overview of Sukkot 5776 – Sukkot & Simchat Torah



  1. To Glow Is To Know

  2. MULLAH MB OBAMA pushes another American ally into the Russian camp in the fight against the Islamic State

  3. Least in the Kingdom

  4. CNN/WMUR New Hampshire Poll – Donald Trump Gains 15 Points, Leads Field With 26%…

  5. In Christ Alone

  6. New Words Needed (woo-hoo!) /Joke of the Day

  7. Why You Can’t Think Your Way Into Self-Acceptance – By Jamie Varon

  8. Sticky Note to God 09.25.15

  9. A Culture Of Change

  10. Leaving Room For GOD

  11. Remember…

  12. Saudi Arabia plans to behead and crucify son of regime critic; State Department welcomes them to head Human Rights Council…

  13. Evils have been seen under our flag

  14. Wabbit rarely says “I told you so”

  15. Channeling Mussolini….

  16. Bill bailing out Hillary

  17. Putin putin’ on the blitz

  18. Agenda 2030 and the Pope

  19. Kipling: Norman and Saxon A.D. 1100

  20. Quote Of The Day — September 27, 2015

  21. Rep. Louie Gohmert On Where GOP Goes From House Speaker John Boehner’s Resignation

  22. Just a Thought

  23. I’m a Member, Now What?

  24. Madagascar – Flowers in rainforest

  25. Sunday Respite: Here comes the Sun

  26. VIDEO Trump To Pope: Talk is Cheap, Let Refugees Into The Vatican, Then We’ll Talk

  27. Whoopsie – Federal Elections Commission Opens Inquiry….

  28. And Featured is…

  29. Daily

  30. Turn Back, Oh Man

  31. One Battlefront – North Carolina Patriots Fighting Back Against RNC Apparatus To Steal Election 2016…

  32. The Creative Blogger Award

  33. Solution Saturday: I’ve Been Stabbed in the Back

  34. Who’s Keeping You Going ~

  35. A Root of Bitterness

  36. VIDEO Here’s the person I think we need as the next Speaker – Kevin McCarthy Not A Shoe in

  37. The Word of Authority by Which We Can Die

  38. Trump exposes Fox News bias against Conservatives

  39. The War Room

  40. Ask Auntie Linda, September 27, 2015

  41. Famous Last Words

  42. Pinay nurse shines in Dubai

  43. restless in serving the Filipino community

  44. Cold Anger

  45. Neglected Caroline – 9/27/15

  46. Kathleen Coad O’Brien Lost Her Husband Pat Much Too Soon: A Love Story

  47. God’s Prayer

  48. My brethren, count it all joy

  49. Awards to be dealt with

  50. Jesus said, Ask, seek and knock

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