My Article Read (9-25-2015)


soldiers, newspaper

  1. 100+ Facts Trivial Facts About the Presidents of the U.S.

  2. Wisdom From Senior Citizens

  3. Thatched

  4. Anti-Israeli activism hits NY school

  5. Don’t Lose Heart

  6. Shine Your Heartlight

  7. The Loss of Innocence – by John Sutherland (London Police Officer)

  8. A Struggle to Feel Accepted

  9. HAPPY EID !!!!!

  10. Planned Parenthood and the Numbers

  11. Boehner Resigns: Watch Live… w/Update

  12. About the Pope’s Speech to Congress…

  13. Obamacare database had huge security flaws…

  14. Pain and Suffering is a Wedge

  15. Socialist Pope

  16. An observation by George Carlin:

  17. Pope Dope

  18. Delicate flowers, gibbering idiots:

  19. Hey hey hey,goodbye!

  20. Germans with frickin’ laser beams…

  21. Quote Of The Day — September 25, 2015

  22. Christie: Hillary Stands a Real Chance of Being Prosecuted

  23. Tree Of Life

  24. Crucified with Christ

  25. Just a Thought

  26. Porn Spam

  27. 45 Bible Verses on Pursuing Holiness

  28. A Word of Caution to all Atheists

  29. Hang YOUR head in Shame!

  30. Madagascar – Lizards

  31. Kerry says Russian buildup in Syria is just to protect its forces

  32. Global communicator treasures small victories

  33. Beauty of My Heart

  34. Lessons learned by lady expats in UAE

  35. Sherif Gaber Egyptian Activist In Hiding: Why Do You Hate Israel? Transcribed Video

  36. New Quinnipiac National Poll – Despite Blistering Attacks Trump Maintaining Comfortable Lead….

  37. The joy of a wedding!

  38. You’re still with us

  39. Interesting, Yet Useless Morsels of Knowledge

  40. Eyman Mohamed: Ahmed Sister Suspended – Threat To Blow Up School?

  41. Christian family man fired because he offended lesbians

  42. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  43. The Wind of God’s Spirit ~

  44. VIDEO Brave new world needs non-offensive language Planned Parenthood Edition

  45. The Bathroom Door Is a Healthy Boundary

  46. Our Daily Problems

  47. A New Decalogue: Thou Shalt Not Disagree

  48. Mrs. Johnson Sets Me Straight

  49. A Special Presentation: Victory in the Struggle

  50. Tallahassee Trip Day 2: Part 2 – On Light, Refracted Natural and Bright Artifical

  51. Sticky Note From God 09.24.15

  52. Butter Smooth

  53. Jesus wept.

  54. Free From the Pain

  55. Not Lucky…Blessed

  56. ALERT: Netanyahu Issues Terrifying Warning… An Attack On America IS Coming

  57. Founding Fathers First War Was Defending America From Muslim ‘Brotherhood’: Treaty Of Tripoli.

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