My Article Read (9-22-2015) (9-23-2015)



Soldier, Man, Newspaper

  1. Why You Should Read the Bible Every Day


  3. Every Day Hope ~

  4. Birmingham Detective Pistol Whipped by Black Man

  5. That Step of Faith

  6. For Those Who Grieve

  7. The Leadership Behavior Employees Most Want

  8. “Heart Problems”… | The True Light…

  9. Be Thankful

  10. Shut It Out

  11. His Name We Proclaim


  1. A Heavenly Fragrance

  2. Sticky Note From God 08.10.15

  3. Another inconsistent atheist?|Faith and Atheism|Atheist Denies God

  4. America: The welfare nation?

  5. Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet: Hitler’s Bunker

  6. Bless The Lord

  7. Library Magic

  8. Nuggets – The Pillar and Ground of the Truth

  9. Praying 4U to Prosper on Purpose for Purpose

  10. Seasons

  11. Health Insurance Deductibles Rising Faster Than Wages…

  12. You CAN KNOW, You Can be CERTAIN

  13. How the West was lost:

  14. ‘Cracks in the dam.

  15. John Key dishonestly deflects a question on flag change

  16. Was man who questioned Trump on Muslims a left wing plant?

  17. Happy first day of autumn

  18. World begs U.S. to use military force in Syria so they can bitch about it later

  19. Quote Of The Day — September 23, 2015

  20. PA Supreme Court has Suspended Kane’s Law License/Also, Possible 2nd Charge of Perjury

  21. Veterans of Los Angeles Homerun Win , VA Lost

  22. Love covers All

  23. Fiery Furnace

  24. Just a Thought

  25. Forever stuck on preaching to one person?

  26. There Is a God and You Are Not Him

  27. Madagascar – Chameleon

  28. Madagascar – Birds

  29. Mohamed’s Clock Was ‘Purposeful Hoax’? Another Balloon boy?

  30. Hillary Clinton ‘I am a real person’ – three words


  32. Why They Lie To Us, How long will we sit silent as we are fed these lies?

  33. TN Lawmakers Declare Independence from Judicial Tyranny

  34. Pearls of Wisdom

  35. Invest in yourself

  36. King Solomon, Refugee Exodus, Abortion Factor, Ant Wisdom

  37. Weekend Crashing

  38. Carrying Your Tent Peg

  39. Monday’s Mention

  40. Monochrome Monday: Rotterdam View from De Rotterdam

  41. Forum: Can America Recover from Barack Obama?

  42. What is everyone posting this Monday?

  43. My Everything – Worship Wednesday

  44. 4 Step Plan to Deal With the Toughest Challenges

  45. Love Light Happiness…

  46. I am not Religious

  47. Why Does God Keep Calling Us To Be Naked Christians? [Guest Post]

  48. Update On Urgent Prayer Request

  49. 4 Tips to Help You Become a Person of Action

  50. My journey to Jerusalem

  51. 10 subscribers doesn’t equal 10 readers

  52. Spare Me The Drama!

  53. It will take ages by the time you feel my love

  54. Bar-headed Geese

  55. Happy Birthday Little AoA!

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