My Article Read (9-21-2015)



  1. Conquering Fear

  2. Sticky Note From God 08.09.15

  3. How to talk to an atheist

  4. Obama’s Cuban Crisis

  5. The “Great Black Hope”: How Barack Obama Threw the Fight

  6. Baboons along the side of the road, Tanzania

  7. Thought For the Day: The Tongue is a Rudder

  8. Quote Of The Day — August 11, 2015

  9. Daily Devotion-August 11, 2015-The Elijah Factor or 1 Man Who Made a Difference-Elijah Who?

  10. Top Five Tips on Publishing a Children’s Book

  11. Hillary: “I am a real person”…

  12. Obama’s Secret Service throws cancer-stricken kids out of park…

  13. Obama is not a Christian, he is a post modern Agnostic

  14. Erik the Red to retire

  15. ‘When the Soul is the Warrior’

  16. Obama opens White House to all Muslim youths who invent suspicious devices

  17. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  18. Brave new world needs non-offensive language

  19. Cost of Opposing Climate Caliphate

  20. The Swedish daycare experiment has been a social disaster

  21. Law Professor: Interational Court of Justice should silence global-warming skeptics

  22. Your periodic reminder that North Korea is a Hell on Earth

  23. Quote Of The Day — September 21, 2015

  24. Intellectual Froglegs: Donald vs the DC Machine – Everybody hates Trump but the voters

  25. Casting Out Demons

  26. Path of the Just

  27. Just a Thought

  28. Beginning with the Bad News: Man’s Chief Problem is Sin Against God

  29. Just a Thought

  30. Madagascar – Bridge in Tsingy

  31. Madagascar – Tsingy

  32. Obama and Biden’s plan for Iran and Syria since 2007

  33. The Shock of History by Dominique Venner

  34. The Liebster Award!

  35. God’s Got This ~

  36. Who is leading the riots on Temple Mount and in Jerusalem as the UN Provides Them Cover

  37. It’s Your Grace That Saves

  38. Mark Steyn: Get Lost, You Palace-Guard Creeps…

  39. 5 Reasons Why You Need a Mentor

  40. How I Was Kidnapped By A Spanish Railway Train

  41. Update On Urgent Prayer Request

  42. B&W Candid Photography Essay – Take A Look & Have A Chuckle

  43. Hell of Heart

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