My Article Read (9-19-2015)


Pug, Newspaper

  1. A Nail in a Sure Place

  2. I Can Feel The Joy ~

  3. VIDEO Property Rights and Wrongs and Worship

  4. Submission

  5. Home safely

  6. Mikumi National Park

  7. It’s about that time with Obama on Iran deal

  8. Dear Auntie Linda, August 10, 2015

  9. The enemy’s greatest weapon

  10. Never Defeated with Christ

  11. Donald Trump’s Official Position on the Second Amendment…

  12. Hey – we found Ted Cruz…

  13. Be careful about what you don’t say…

  14. Testing Prophecy

  15. Twenty Simple Pleasures

  16. ‘If We Burned All The World’s Fossil Fuels

  17. Undocumented oaf insults Vatican

  18. ‘Angela Merkel: enemy of the German people.’

  19. Happy Caturday — Talk Like a Pirate Day Edition

  20. Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day

  21. US Navy’s “Talk Like a Pirate Day” celebrations go terribly wrong

  22. Guess he told her

  23. The Papal Smackdown on U.S.

  24. Questions and stupid suggestions

  25. Cancer eating your ribcage? No problem! We’ll just 3D-print you a new one!

  26. Fiorina Rising, But Trump Still Crushing Everybody

  27. “Something Needs To Be Said”

  28. Obey God Not Man

  29. Just a Thought

  30. Journey of a Building

  31. Abram’s Third Revelation, Genesis 13:14-18

  32. Madagascar – Snake



  35. Finding inspiration on WordPress

  36. Move

  37. Big Donors and Big Corporations Abandon Clinton Global Initiative (CGI)…

  38. What’s Darker Than Dark? ~ Bread for the Bride

  39. You Have Seen God’s Hand on Your Life!

  40. 33 Ways to Be Child-Like Today

  41. Sur-Prise, Sur-Prise, Sur-Prise: High School Students Respond To Hearing Homecoming Guest…

  42. Morning’s Upon Me ~

  43. Attn LGBT Your Friend MB Obama Wants THIS In the USA: ISIS Barbarians Blindfold and Toss Another Gay Man Off Tall Building

  44. Deliverance Comes by Deliverers

  45. Yeah, he is.

  46. A rainbow I will not be tasting

  47. Lion Country Safari is Wild for the Entire Family

  48. Narrowing Path To Oneness

  49. September at the Water Gate: High Holidays questions

  50. Transformed by Jesus

  51. I am a Naked Christian, This is Why

  52. King Solomon, Refugee Exodus, ‘Same O’ Time

  53. Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorse Facts (with Giveaway)

  54. Solution Saturday: Breakthrough Moments

  55. I thank Yahweh upon every remembrance of you . . . !

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