Left Over Articles (9-17-2015)


Left over articles are  articles I couldn’t get to on some days so I put the ones I couldn’t read in a folder called left overs under my inbox. I plan to read them later on. Usually, I read ten of them a day then go to my bookmark sites. After reading the bookmarks I go to read about 20 – 30 of my email articles. I didn’t have time to read much today so I just copy and paste the titles. I hope you don’t mind, Smile.




  2. The Side Effects of Fear – Moments of Solitude

  3. Google’s Search Algorithm Could Steal the Presidency – wait … what … ?

  4. Sticky Note From God 08.08.15

  5. Nuggets – The Veil over the Nations

  6. Yahweh is the King of all the earth!

  7. This too shall Pass

  8. The day after Snowdon

  9. Work Backwards to Fulfill Dreams

  10. Dear Auntie Linda, August, 9, 2015

  11. Keeping Things In Their Rightful Place

  12. Prince of Peace

  13. The William Branham Moment

  14. Driving Through the Kigoma Region

  15. Last days’ walk with Jesus: teaching and walking

  16. Have A Missions-Minded Monday

  17. A Cry Out For the Wounded and Oppressed (Psalm 10)

  18. Seeing Victory in Advance

  19. Jo’s Monday walk : sea glass at Seaham

  20. What will the Next Memory Bear Look Like?

  21. Daily Devotion-August 10, 2015-Introduction To the Elijah Factor-One Man Who Made a Difference

  22. Music Is…

  23. FBI: Citizens Should Have No Secrets That The Government Can’t Access

  24. Papua New Guinea Tapa Cloth – A Timeless Tradition

  25. Repentance

  26. Placebo

  27. Debate with Jeb

  28. (Video) Was slavery the cause of the Civil War?


  30. Sleep

  31. L’Hermione

  32. Intel officer uses all these big words

  33. fffaw:Someone Like Me

  34. An Unusual Tale

  35. Do I Believe?

  36. #TidbitTuesdays

  37. Just a wall

  38. The children were doomed…….

  39. New Design – Life of Courage and Truth

  40. The unending silence is death to me!

  41. A Tad of Negativity – only a tad (small amount)

  42. The People-Pleaser and the Rebel

  43. True Believers Do Not Shy Away from Obedience

  44. Jesse Lee Peterson reveals the real story of Michael Brown

  45. Megyn Kelly Dead Wrong: Abortion Never Necessary to Save Life of Mother

  46. The Good Old Days

  47. I will declare Your name to my brethren!

  48. Footprints

  49. Sticky Note to God 8.10.15

  50. 4 Things that Drive Employees Crazy

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