My Article Read (9-15-2015)


Left Overs

  1. The Transformed Life

  2. The Banality of Evil

  3. Not Willing to Take Contempt

  4. Sticky Note to God 08.08.15

  5. Sunday Respite – ‘Try to Remember’

  6. Keep The spirit Up!

  7. HMS Pinafore X2

  8. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  9. Sometimes a New Perspective is Called For…

  10. Quiet Impact. Quiet Revolution

  11. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka: “I don’t know what the difference is between a Democratic Socialist and a Democrat.”

  12. Germany and France move to supporting Russia in Syria…

  13. Quickies

  14. Bill Whittle Nails It … Again!

  15. List of MPs who voted for Malcolm Turnbull in Australian PM spill

  16. Rendezvous with Reagan and Destiny

  17. It’s time to shatter the myths of the Battle of Britain

  18. Quote Of The Day — September 15, 2015

  19. Ken Blackwell and John Zogby discuss Donald Trump taking on more GOP candidates

  20. I Dare A Single Pro-Abortion Person To Ever Tell Me This Is Not Murder

  21. The Truth About Refugees~ What Every One Should Know

  22. Give Thanks To The Lord

  23. Daily Proverb

  24. Dry Bones

  25. Just a Thought

  26. Madagascar – Malagasy boy

  27. Hillary supports Sexual Assault victims, yet laughs while defending rapist

  28. Monochrome Monday: My Selfie in His Eye

  29. Chapmantown, CA


  31. Starbucks denies Philly police officer use of bathroom; cops are steaming mad

  32. Fifth time lucky

  33. The Neighborhood’s Quote of the Month & Song of the Day

  34. The Autumnal wink

  35. Praying Through Proverbs | Part 4

  36. Glenn Beck Raising Money To Import Illegal Syrian Refugees…


  38. 10 Ways To Spot a False Flag Mass Shooting

  39. VIDEO Pols Vacations Over ‘VA is STILL Lying, Veterans are STILL Dying!’, Marine Vet Sets up Anti-VA Billboards

  40. An Average Conversation About Blogging

  41. BOOM, There It Is – Wall Street In Panic: “Trump Could Win”…

  42. 6 Reasons to have Kids

  43. Fog In The Valleys

  44. HE LIFTS US UP: All Creation Will Praise Him!!!

  45. Sticky Note From God 09.14.15

  46. Activity Addiction

  47. Rebellion in Our Youth: Sometimes Pain is the Only Way Some Learn

  48. It was God

  49. King’s Guard – Kingdom of Heaven

  50. Because Of Your Love

  51. Tuesday’s Treat

  52. Grieving

  53. Easy is a Lonely Road

  54. If you forgive: Why do you rehash the issue?

  55. King Solomon, Exodus, Fear and Bigotry

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