My Article Read (9-14-2015)


Glasses, Coffee, Newspaper

  1. Atheists, you won’t find God that way

  2. Jesus Free Zones – The Right Way to Deal with Hypocrisy in the Church – Let the weak say I am strong, REALLY?

  3. First Mississippi Now Colorado and Wyoming Under Heightened Threat

  4. 13 Things That Are Changing My Life and Leadership

  5. Five Arrests In Michigan Racial Mob Beating – Twenty Black Teens Brutalize White Victim During Polar Bear Hunt….

  6. I Might Not Be Right but….

  7. Love Must Leave When Resentment Moves In

  8. Sticky Note From God 08.07.15

  9. Shout to Yahweh with a voice of triumph!

  10. Prayer for Today: Soul on Fire

  11. Hero: Scott Walker wants to abolish unions for federal workers

  12. Elijah Identifies but Jehu must Defeat

  13. ABC/media coup in Australia

  14. The true cost of refugees.

  15. Journalists are the Enemy and Must be Stopped

  16. Australian study exposes high social and economic cost of refugee admission

  17. By the dawn’s early light

  18. Prey on words, part three

  19. (Video) Is Capitalism moral?

  20. Monday Stuff

  21. Quote Of The Day — September 14, 2015

  22. Wild Bill: The Liars Club

  23. Kim Davis Taught Us How Bad Liberals Really Are

  24. Ted Nugent Discusses Donald Trump & The GOP Presidential Field

  25. House passes bill late Friday to stop the president from lifting sanctions from Iran

  26. Above All Gods

  27. Daily Proverb

  28. Through The Roof

  29. Prophets – Stop cursing your nation!

  30. Creation of Mankind and Marriage by God

  31. Madagascar – Local people

  32. Madagascar – Morning river

  33. DEA has been seizing patient records without a warrant

  34. Journalists are the Enemy and Must be Stopped

  35. Just Thought I’d Point This Out….

  36. Experiencing Hypothyroidism

  37. Extra Pennies

  38. L’Shana Tova: Keep on Shouting, There’s No Shame in Being Right

  39. My 2015 Bucket List Isn’t Going As Planned

  40. Sticky Note From God 09.13.15

  41. A Simple Song With A Powerful Promise

  42. A Girl in Danger

  43. Making Use of Emotion and Motivation for Success

  44. Liar

  45. Jo’s Monday walk : Vila Nova de Milfontes

  46. How Anger Can Help You: 6 Benefits of Getting Mad

  47. Prayer Request for victims of fire in California

  48. Four Gifts – Kingdom of Heaven

  49. February 1943 (2)

  50. King Solomon, the Abortion Factor  



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