Raising The Standard (A Comment By Me And Repost)

I.M. Fletcher wrote an article on the New Zealand Conservative blog about how Keys (PM) and some of their other leaders are pushing the change of their nation’s flag. You can read about it at: The New Zealand Flag, Choice, and the Illusion of Free Will. This post made me think of a post I wrote Raising The Standard.

Let me explain something.  It is a flag that represent the country we are from. Our countries’ flags represent our history, traditions, beliefs, and values.   It is our countries’  flag that leads in battle against our enemies. The flag of a kingdom or country is also called a standard. Anyone who knows history of the standards in a face to face battle knows the enemy will go after the standard and try to confuse the opposing troops. If the enemy succeeds in doing this, it is “Oops you been captured”, “You been defeated”.

This is something to think on.


Raising The Standard

Cross, Bible, American Flag,

Do you know what “raising the standard” means?

According to Carman in his book “Raising The Standard”.

“The flags and banners of an army are called  standards. Historically, one of the most important and most honored duties a soldier could be given is carrying the flag. These banners and flags were not merely for decoration. They represented the pride and purpose of the army. and served a strategic purpose.  The troops stayed in their ranks and knew which way to go by following the standard bearer.”

Carman goes further mentioning something interesting about standard.

“Imagine how important it was to an enemy to capture or destroy your standard.  Your whole army would be thrown into confusion. So,  if ever the standard bearer fell, it became the responsibility of the closest soldier to him to pick up the flag and continue the advance. “Never let the colors touch the ground” was the standard order.

Dropping a rifle to pick up a flag doesn’t make a lot of sense at first. But when you realize the function keeping the standard held high, it becomes more important than carrying a weapon. Without it the troops will be scattered and confused. The flag or the standard is the rallying point.”

This could explain why our enemy so bluntly doesn’t want people to see our standard. They say it is so offensive. Blah, blah blah.

Here is another question or two or three… What is your standard? Is it the American Flag? It is it the Cross? Are you picking up the standard and running with it into battle when the standard bearer has fallen? Even if it means you might become a fallen too?


I hope the owners of the New Zealand blogs I follow don’t mind my two cents about the top four flag choices. This American thinks those choices are really dorky. Keep the old one it represent you more, Winking smile. It is your standard.

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