My Article Read (9-12-2015)


Dog, Glasses, Newspaper

  1. VIDEO 15 Things Trump and Reagan Have in Common – Most Searched – US ‘Being Attacked’ By ‘Bad Hombres’

  2. Why I Support Donald Trump – Part 2

  3. Senator Cruz: Iranian Nuclear Deal is Getting Worse

  4. Sticky Note to God 08.06.15

  5. Furry Car

  6. Find the Gold

  7. Sad: Many college students at George Mason University don’t know what caused 9-11

  8. Donald Trumps: All illegals can be deported within two year time frame…

  9. Assholes:

  10. US poll shows 43% support for military takeover of corrupt govt

  11. Heroes

  12. Let us stop pretending that the Iraq War was the Worst Thing Ever.

  13. Have We Forgotten?

  14. The Intriguing One Legged Waiter – Short Story

  15. Maybe We Don’t Want to Listen To Your Story

  16. Quote Of The Day — September 12, 2015

  17. A Diet Plan for the Federal Government Is Needed

  18. Time Of Travail

  19. Abram and Lot Separate, Genesis 13:1-13

  20. Stricken Blind – and then Judgment

  21. Madagascar – On the way

  22. Office Depot refuses to make copies of pro life prayer

  23. Abram’s Third Revelation, Genesis 13:14-18

  24. Silence

  25. Monochromatic

  26. Remembering 9/11: In a Series of Monochromatic Photographs

  27. Lightning Strikes Crane In Saudi Arabia – Giant Crane Falls On Mecca’s Grand Mosque – Report: 65 Killed…

  28. Where Were You When The Planes Struck?

  29. I was totally clueless until…..

  30. Farrakhan Threat “Justice Or Else:” Harley Dealership Pulls Support for Rally – Maybe

  31. Ouch ~

  32. Mom Accepted Strangers Friend Request; NEVER Expected THIS

  33. House Votes NO To Iran Nuke Deal, Roll Call

  34. God’s Validation

  35. How to Grow Your Audience: 3 Simple Tips

  36. Be strong in Yahweh!

  37. Mayor “Space To Destroy” Says She Will Not Seek Reelection…

  38. Remembering 9/11 with The War Room

  39. Stop Legalizing Sin

  40. Peace Finder – SoS Saturday

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