My Article Read (9-8-2015)


Cat, Newspaper1

  1. Three ways to love your wife like Jesus

  2. Trump Turned Lemons into Lemonade

  3. Are jihadis stalking military families in Colorado and Wyoming?

  4. Nan’s birthday

  5. Obama’s Top Iranian Negotiator Says She Didn’t See Final “Side Deals”, and U.S. Unaware of Content Within Nuclear Agreement…

  6. Kim Davis incarceration may impact KY Governor’s race…

  7. Biden gets ready?

  8. When Martyrdom Doesn’t Count

  9. About that mythical “outpouring of support”:

  10. Delingpole asks what the media won’t:

  11. Australian Senator Bernardi- not afraid to speak the truth on “refugees”

  12. Hilarious Tweet of the Day at @HillaryClinton’s expense, @TheRickWilson edition

  13. (Video) Why we’re losing liberty

  14. Quote Of The Day — September 08, 2015

  15. Why You Should Be Pissed At Our Elected Leaders

  16. Deputy Under Attack Gets Some Unexpected Backup

  17. Madagascar – Morning newspaper

  18. Madagascar – Antananarivo

  19. My Help Comes From The Lord

  20. The AntiChrist

  21. Time to Expect the Unexpected

  22. Just a Thought

  23. Daily Devotion-September 8, 2015-The Elijah Factor Or 1 Man Who Made a Difference-The Gauntlet is Thrown Down!

  24. Don’t open your House to the enemy!

  25. What electronic voter registration looks like in Pennsylvania


  27. Franklin Graham: America’s ‘Culture of Death’ Stems From a ‘Sinful, Godless Worldview That Rejects Christ’

  28. Digital Portrait #2 – When Nature Meets Humans

  29. Fructose? I Think Not!

  30. I’m Staying in The Race ~

  31. Huffington Post Proves Sexual Orientation Is a Choice. Oops.

  32. Giving Christ His Place

  33. Dear Auntie Linda, August 5, 2015

  34. Name Above All Names

  35. Visit to Nyarugusu Refugee Camp Part II

  36. No Show

  37. Proactive Or Reactive

  38. Before I Formed Thee… God Has a Calling On All of Us

  39. Quote Of The Day — August 06, 2015

  40. A Child and a Father

  41. Remember the Good Times

  42. What if Hillary had stayed home and baked those cookies?

  43. The Best Things in Life are Free OR $6.99

  44. Cross donors equal opportunists

  45. Everything is in God’s Planning and Timing

  46. Never Again Can You Say You Didn’t Know

  47. Rock Music Part 3

  48. How to Hold People Accountable


  50. Undressed

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