What Would You Like To Learn Today?



I do enjoy learning something everyday. As you can see I have a wide range of interest from God to miscellaneous stuff. What are you interested in learning about?

Would you like to learn about kindness, encouraging, being inspired, overcoming, and uplifting stuff?

  1. God’s Little Acre

  2. Kindness Blog

  3. Little Things

  4. The Mighty

  5. The Daily Good

  6. Liftbump

  7. Random Acts Of Kindness

Would you like to learn art, making jewelry, creativity, or see art?

  1. Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna

  2. Yesterday After

Do you like writing, poems, short stories?

  1. Kasim’s Korner

  2. A Good Blog is Hard to Find  (Harsh Reality)

  3. Simple Pleasures

  4. Tendrils

  5. In between people


  7. A Hansen Chronicle

  8. Mitt Liv Blog

  9. Jennifer’s Soul Purpose, the Creative Spirit

  10. Silver Chappals

  11. The Falling Thoughts

  12. Gripping Black

  13. The Kings Kid Chronicles

  14. Tribalmystic Stories

  15. SCRIBE  (Breath Of Freshness)

  16. Full Of Roses Inspirational

  17. CHRISTian poetry ~ by Deborah Ann

  18. Poems 4 Him

Do you like travel, photography, kayaking, scuba diving?

  1. Traveling Rockhopper

  2. Indahs: Travel Story & Photography

  3. Bucket List Publications

  4. Wind Against Current

  5. Tales of A Migrant

  6. Anywhere The Wind Blows

  7. Restless Jo

  8. Rebus Photography

Would you like to learn about Christianity or Christ?

  1. Christian Blessings

  2. iChristian

  3. For His Glory

  4. Wintery Knight

  5. Inspirational Devotions & More by Tim Burt

  6. Brother Murf’s Corner

  7. Called One

  8. Unashamed of Jesus

  9. Truth in Palmyra

  10. His Kingdom Prophecy

  11. Heart, Mind, Soul, And Strength

  12. Under The Waterfall Of Grace

  13. Right On The Mark

  14. The Isaiah 53:5 Project

  15. Wings of the Dawn

  16. Uniquely Designed Individuals

  17. Karina’s Thought

  18. Message From the Field

  19. The Lovely Scribe

  20. Stop And Pray TV

  21. Inspirational Hope

  22. A glimpse of heaven

  23. The Christian Gazette

  24. Beautiful Life with Cancer

  25. The Devotion Cafe

  26. KD Mane Street

  27. The Pearl Sisters

  28. State of My Heart

  29. Another Red Letter Day

  30. Ears To Hear2013’s Blog

  31. AAA Jack’s blog (a watchman on your walls)

  32. Time 2 Refuel

  33. Kingspeech

Would you like to learn about conservatives, commentaries, politics?

  1. Right Ring

  2. Public Secrets

  3. ‘Nox & Friends

  4. BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

  5. The Last Refuge

  6. Reclaim Our Republic

  7. Bluegrass Pundit

  8. Politically Short

  9. Conservatives Against Tyranny

  10. Political Musings-At the Sunset of My Life

  11. Merillion’s Blog

  12. Zilla of the Resistance

Would you like to know politics in other countries or what they think of ours (America, Britain, Australia, Russia, etc.)?

  1. True Blue NZ

  2. Crusader Rabbit

  3. New Zealand Conservative

  4. The Iron Legion

Would you like to learn about motivation, changing, leadership, health?

  1. Dream Big Dream Often

  2. Leadership Freak

  3. Palakbansal06

  4. Bruce Van Horn

Do you like to smile, laugh, political snark, cute animals, satires, a good joke?

  1. Bluebird of Bitterness

  2. Nutsrok

  3. Bluefish Way

Would you like to learn about wisdom, parables, common sense?

  1. Color Storm

  2. Citizen Tom

  3. Rudy u Martinka

  4. Wordsmith’s Desk

Would you like to learn about a ministry on abuse, abuse, or keepsakes?

  1. Secret Angel Ministry

  2. The Abuse Expose’ With Secret Angel

  3. Memory Bears by Bonnie | A Ministry of Love

  4. Army of Angels

Do you like musings, memories, reviews, history, miscellaneous stuff?

  1. Stay In There

  2. Gardens, Combines, and Memories

  3. Nebraska Energy Observer

  4. The Hidden Prestige

  5. Adrienne’s Corner

  6. Northern Gleaner

  7. From Bust to Boom!

  8. Thinking, Doing, & Feeling

  9. The Journey of My Left Foot (whilst remembering my son)

  10. Hello the world!

  11. These Days

  12. Pacific Paratrooper

  13. Relax, It’s Just Life!

  14. Squid’s Cup of Tea

  15. The Neighborhood

  16. Misifusa‘s Blog | The Presents of Presence

  17. Corn Fed Contessa

  18. A Holistic Journey

  19. Behind the White Coat

  20. Captive Dreams Window

  21. Just Bliss

  22. The Raving Ranter: One Woman’s Quest To Get To The Heart of Today’s Issues

I am going to end this with one of my philosophies. I believe us common folk are better at diplomatic relations than our leaders. We search for common ground with each other and move on the common ground to get to know each other. Maybe our leaders should just stop at diplomatic relations and let us do our thing, Smile.

P.S. If your blog isn’t on here, feel free to share it with what your blog is about.

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