My Article Read (9-6-2015)


Cat, Computer

  1. Humility ~ Part 2

  2. Oh Dear – FBI “Looking Into” Hillary Clinton’s Private Email Server…

  3. Ted Cruz Slams IRS and Obama Syndicate

  4. My Personal Transformation

  5. 12 Secrets for Successful Coaching Conversations

  6. First Amendment Alert: Student Arrested For ‘Impeach Obama’ Sign Sues Police

  7. EMP

  8. Go get ’em, Rodney!

  9. ‘Thirty Government Officials In North Carolina Are Now All Refusing To Conduct Homosexual Marriages’

  10. Kuwaiti official explains why Gulf States cannot accept refugees

  11. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  12. Obama checks Alaska off bucket list; Oval Office next

  13. Wouldn’t it be simpler to list the things that AREN’T prohibited?

  14. Happy Caturday

  15. The Hillary Email Hustle

  16. Quote Of The Day — September 6, 2015

  17. 10 Reasons Why He Can’t Recognize America

  18. A Judge and a Pastor Said No to Same Sex Marriage

  19. Real Men Treasure Their Mothers, Wives, Daughters, and All Women | Patching Cracks

  20. Just a Thought

  21. Church Membership In the New Testament

  22. Get ready Fire Starters and Glory Carriers!

  23. Madagascar – Lemur

  24. Stop Complaining – Life Isn’t Fair

  25. New Labor Day Polls Show Trump Leading in GOP Favorability and Defeating Every Democrat Challenger…

  26. Hillary Clinton Personally Paid State Department Staffer Who Maintained Private Server…

  27. Warbirds – B-24 Liberator Heavy Bomber

  28. Waiting brings out what we are made of!

  29. One thing I have desired . . .

  30. Solution Saturday: Winning in No-Win Situations

  31. Share a Post

  32. Sailing 2001

  33. After Meeting With al-Sisi and King Abdullah Russia Moves In Syria – The “Rivkin” Project In Full Swing…

  34. Forgiveness

  35. Christian Talk Series: Forgiveness (Video)

  36. Another Favorite Series

  37. Today Featured is….

  38. Men Have It Easier

  39. 10 Ways to Start Believing in Yourself

  40. I’ve Got Courage ~

  41. Time To Believe In You

  42. Historian Neagu Djuvara Discusses the “Muslim Refugee” Problem

  43. Meekness and Rest

  44. MB Obama’s America: Look what happens to schools that don’t accommodate “gender identity”

  45. VIDEO NYC Activists to Host “Declassify the Truth” Conference for 9/11 Anniversary

  46. Capacity to Think: God Wants You to Understand

  47. I dream a dream

  48. Was Martin Luther against reason?

  49. A Message to Share: Jesus is Our Advocate

  50. Jesus came to save Souls

  51. Speechless

  52. King Solomon, Kim Davis, Prophesy of Pressing Volcanoes 

  53.  Teacher Work Days

  54. ‘Jailhouse Prayer Rally’ salutes jailed clerk’s ‘backbone to stand up to wickedness’

  55. Boy, Oh, Boyack!


  57. Nuggets – The Two Ways

  58. Happy . . .

  59. A musical fable…

  60. Kisses to the sky

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