My Article Read (9-5-2015)


Cat Tail, Newspaper

  1. I Saw Jesus!

  2. Dear Auntie Linda, August 4, 2015

  3. BOOM – Univision Reluctantly Reports Donald Trump Leading With Latino Republicans….

  4. Armed Citizen Saves Woman From Having Her Throat Slit

  5. Sticky Note to God 08.05.15

  6. Can a person who needs help with basic life activities be President?

  7. A Complete New Faith Being Pushed On America — At Taxpayer Expense

  8. President Obama is FIRST among EVERYTHING.

  9. Drowned boy shows Progressives are dangerous threat to Western civilisation

  10. I can’t give you anything but lunch

  11. Resist we much, part 4

  12. “There Are Only Two Conceptions of Human Ethics” | Strange Herring

  13. Quote Of The Day — September 05, 2015

  14. Cavuto: Why Donald Trump may not be a passing fad

  15. Cruz Rips Into Federal Judge

  16. Navy Exonerates Chaplain

  17. Democrats Meet The Thugs You Created

  18. The Last Days

  19. The Problem With God and Jesus

  20. Let’s Talk Revival!!! Part 7

  21. Abram in Egypt, Genesis 12:10-20

  22. Sowing and Giving – God’s Way!

  23. #TAG: The Neighborhood Anthology on Leadership & Authority ed. IV by H-Y Loco

  24. Photo Contest

  25. Abram and Lot Separate, Genesis 13:1-13

  26. Lavender or violet?

  27. Chaos Parenting

  28. The subscriber number isn’t real

  29. Sometimes I do dumb things

  30. New York Times – Top Republican / GOP Strategists Planning Coordinated Destroy Trump Campaign…

  31. 17 Apps to Help You Conquer Life

  32. 5 Reasons Why Clutter Costs You Cash

  33. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  34. I See Your Heart ~

  35. VIDEO Sustained by Soil

  36. “Be Exalted Oh Lord”

  37. Plant a Pig? – ESPN Benches Curt Schilling for 2015 Season over Radical Islam Tweet

  38. Our Moral Climate Does Not Encourage Faith

  39. Tripwire Alert – Hillary Clinton Favorable Rating Lowest Ever – Only 41% View Her Favorably…

  40. 3 Cute Good Night Salutes!

  41. Be angry . . . do not sin!

  42. Sticky Note From God 09.04.15

  43. HE LIFTS US UP: Message to Teens: Kindness and Respect is What You Should Expect

  44. Words of Encouragement for Today

  45. The Wedding Guest

  46. Removing “Politi-speak” With Plain Speak – VA Rep Dave Brat Interview On Current Politics…

  47. Solitude is serene

  48. Connected

  49. Doors ~ SoS Saturday

  50. The Road to Emmaus

  51. King Solomon, Kim Davis Prophesy

  52. #TAG: The Neighborhood Anthology Ed. V – No Contribution, Artist FROZEN OUT

  53. “THE LAW” VERSUS A CLEAR CONSCIENCE — reblogging Your Sister is in Jail

  54. Joyful ‘Toons – Unwanted intruder

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