My Article Read (9-4-2015)


Cat Head, Newspaper

  1. Woman spotted yesterday reading today’s paper

  2. Meditating Upon and Communicating with The Lord

  3. Do These Things Happen to Anyone Else?

  4. (Video) How the #IranDeal is worse in some ways than even the Munich Agreement

  5. If Heaven wasn’t so far away

  6. The Popular Enlightenment And Propaganda Of The Obama Regime

  7. Kerry lied over Iran deal

  8. Horseback Riding at Broadleaf Guest Ranch, New Brunswick

  9. Wait for the Lord

  10. Saint Louis – Thug With 5-Year-old In Car Rams Police Vehicle Yelling “This is for the black people”…

  11. Sticky Note From God 08.03.15

  12. Remember Keystone Habits?

  13. Those We Knew

  14. Make A Difference

  15. Worthy is the Lamb – Worship Wednesday

  16. Jesus The Heavenly Scholar | Doctrine

  17. Obama Wasn’t Kidding About Spiking Your Electricity Bill

  18. Bridles and Bits

  19. 12 Secrets for Successful Coaching Conversations

  20. The art and life of the leaves

  21. Guest post – A voice crying through the darkness.

  22. A.S.K.

  23. The Winner & Honorable Mention of Nudi Series Chromodoris (1)

  24. It’s Not About Me, It’s Not About Her

  25. Government myRA Retirement Accounts – Uh-Oh! – Guest Post by Jack Puglis

  26. Let’s Talk about Sex baby. Let’s talk about you and me…

  27. Ok guys…

  28. King Solomon, Kim Davis, and Sir Thomas More

  29. WHAT AN AWFUL PREDICAMENT ! — reblogging a couple of posts from Rudy u Martinka

  30. Sticky Note From God 09.03.15

  31. This Blogger Stands With Kim Davis

  32. Ted Cruz statement on the arrest of Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis…

  33. Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses…w/Update

  34. 2016 West Point rings contain steel from World Trade Center

  35. Mike Hosking’s atrocious pro-govt propaganda attack on RSA

  36. Double standard hernia

  37. Is it possible to die from an overdose of White House chutzpah?

  38. Quote Of The Day — September 4, 2015

  39. ZoNation: Why Pastors and Churches Can No Longer Avoid Politics

  40. Franklin Graham & Mike Huckabee Sound Off on Kim Davis

  41. I Am For Peace

  42. The Problem With God and Jesus

  43. Seek and Ye Shall Find

  44. Just a Thought

  45. Daily Devotion-September 4. 2105-The Elijah Factor Of How 1 Man Made a Difference-We May Think We Are Alone, but We Are Not

  46. Marriage Licenses: the Government’s or God’s?

  47. Madagascar – Lemurs

  48. Crazy but beautiful


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