My Article Read (8-31-2015)


Soldiers, Newspaper

  1. August Haiku

  2. Monday’s Memories

  3. Follow The Court Orders

  4. Texas Rancher Wins 30 Year Battle with BLM – Gets Land Back

  5. What Really Matter

  6. Road Raging Muslim Forgets He’s In Texas, Gets Dose Of Southern Hospitality, CAIR Screams Hate Crime

  7. How to Socialize Your Way to 10% More Views

  8. A Little Late Night Reading

  9. The day I was almost raped..changed my life

  10. Rest In Peace, Dr. Sacks

  11. Another Gas Station Shooting for “No Apparent Reason” – Father Shot At Gas Station In Front of Kids….

  12. Why? ” Why do we do what we do?”

  13. Breakfast With Katrina

  14. Fruit As Art

  15. “Caregiver’s Retreat” Progress

  16. 1 In 3

  17. “Oh Deerie Deer”

  18. One of Those Days ~

  19. Appeals Court Abbott and Costello Ruling Overturns NSA Spying Case

  20. VIDEO The 3 Saddest Things About Hillary Comparing Pro-Lifers To Terrorists

  21. Human Psychology

  22. You Want To Thank Me For My Military Service?

  23. Key should resign if $28 million flag change project is a flop

  24. The Bible Is Not Addressed to Just Anybody

  25. HITCHENS: European Christianity Destined to Become a Minority

  26. Team Jebs’ Newest Strategy – Push Ben Carson?…

  27. Stepping into an Open Field

  28. Hillary cries racism, Trump slaps her down

  29. When The “Sun” Is Gone

  30. The Fight Song !!

  31. HE LIFTS US UP: The Wounds of Adultery

  32. Special Prayer Request

  33. Let It Go

  34. The rains sprays, breeze scented with floral blossoms,

  35. National Dog Day(s)

  36. Do you indulge in mainstream media?…

  37. Good News: Obama Hits A Major Milestone…

  38. God can Do anything — but HE NEEDS YOU!

  39. I hope he met the master of eternity before he died

  40. Buy shares in coal mining.

  41. FFS!!

  42. New World Order Agenda

  43. Bye bye baby

  44. (Video) Does Free Speech offend you?

  45. I’m sure Wesleyan University has offended someone by leaving a letter or two out

  46. May The Lord Bless You

  47. The Young Rich Man

  48. Look And Watch

  49. The contract on Trump

  50. Quote Of The Day — August 31, 2015

  51. Donald Trump is set to blow up GOP orthodoxy — again

  52. Canada Leads on Opposing Iran Deal

  53. Just a Thought

  54. Madagascar – Introduction

  55. Sleeping Kings and the War Christ

  56. Me

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