My Article Read (8-28-2015)


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  1. VIDEO Schlafly: Treat Gay Marriage Ruling ‘Like Abe Lincoln Treated Infamous Dred Scott Case’ – ‘We Don’t Have to Obey’

  2. Be Prepared

  3. My First Time

  4. His Love Endures Forever

  5. White Flags

  6. CNN Anchor: Obama’s People Will “Threaten Your Job” If You Question Them

  7. Why the Democrats Are So Desperate

  8. My First Time

  9. VIDEO They Live, We Sleep: A Dictatorship Disguised as a Democracy – US Marine Appeals To SCOTUS, Free Speech

  10. 3 Reasons to Visit Dream Big Today

  11. an absurd & tenacious hope | Risking Love. Writing Brave.

  12. This Present Evil Age

  13. Divorcing the Drama Queen

  14. I Want New Shoes and She Has Her Daddy’s Smile

  15. The three letter word

  16. Nuggets – No Stealing


  18. Friendship

  19. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz To Hold Joint Anti-Iran Deal Rally in Washington DC…

  20. An Open Letter to Donald Trump – Trump’s Lead Grows

  21. Religious Work Should Be Most Open to Inspection

  22. Men Who Don’t Pray

  23. Do you see your goal way off in the distance?

  24. A New Anthem For “Crazies”, “Whack-O-Birds”, “Hobbits” and “Vulgarians” Toward The RNC/GOPe – All of It

  25. A little nuclear help from its friends


  27. Sticky Note From God 08.27.15

  28. When God Made Blue

  29. WHO YOU ARE: A Message to All Women

  30. Dubai: Spice and Gold Souks

  31. New Design – The OM Necklace

  32. You are my portion!

  33. Humans + Geese + Kindness = Hope! 🙂

  34. The Shadows of Those Who Have Gone Away

  35. Dance While The Music Plays

  36. Interesting: Trump and Cruz joining forces for something…

  37. Remus’s notebook for 28 August 2015

  38. hahahaha! Amazed we are!

  39. ‘Iranians are buying Democrat Congress

  40. Tales of the Nanny State: the war on lemonade stands resumes

  41. Adding To Your Faith

  42. The Socialist Dream Will Never Die

  43. Rather-be-biased takes jabs at Trump and Fox (tin foil hat zone)

  44. Quote Of The Day — August 28, 2015

  45. Federal Judge Blocks Obama’s Water Rule

  46. Abram’s Call, Genesis 12:1-9

  47. Netherlands – Autumn

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