My Article Read (8-26-2015)


Smiley, Newspaper

  1. South China Sea Emerging Threat

  2. The Vision

  3. The Waiting Game ~

  4. King Solomon, Bugs Bunny

  5. French Diplomat Good If Congress Reject Deal – MB Obama, Kerry In Own World, Iran publishes how to outwit US, destroy Israel

  6. God Would Stir Us

  7. Never Give Up!

  8. I Never Meant to Become a Feminist

  9. Is He Knocking

  10. Today

  11. 3 Important Things I Learned In My Early Adulthood


  13. A little too much

  14. Tuesday’s Tale

  15. Just a Thought

  16. Acquiring the Fire

  17. Trump, Clinton, & the Great Race

  18. The Church and its Move to Secularism

  19. Låt mig vara.  (Let me be.)

  20. Is Donald Trump an Agent of Divine Judgment?

  21. The Hand of God: Will You Obey?

  22. This Beautiful Photo  (Yesterday After)

  23. How Do I Know When I Am Lying to Myself?

  24. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  25. VIDEO Black Mom Destroys ‘Black Lives Matter’ for Ignoring Black-On-Black Crime Epidemic – Origins of movement revealed

  26. Breathing is a Gift from God

  27. God’s Knows ~

  28. Satan’s Stratagem

  29. When Things Don’t Go Well – Sacrifice and Friendship

  30. Pictorial Family History


  32. Sacrificial Love

  33. HE LIFTS US UP: Stalked? Beware of Abusers and Bullies

  34. Latinos For Trump…

  35. I’m Human… But

  36. “NO—-”

  37. Ted Cruz TRUMPS Megyn Kelly on unfair question, says ‘I’m not playing the media’s game’

  38. Leaving Obscurity

  39. ‘Rivers of Blood Close to Overflowing’

  40. ‘Old Fashioned Knights in the Modern World’

  41. Gold Teeth and Gold Dust, are they from God?

  42. Turn Back, U.S.A.!  Before it’s too late!

  43. Republicans file paperwork with FEC to put Biden on Democratic ballots

  44. Well, what do you know? Lois Lerner had a secret email account, too.

  45. Tremble O Earth

  46. Foolish Prophets

  47. Why I became a Catholic: Tim Stanley

  48. The illegal birthright problem

  49. Quote Of The Day — August 26, 2015

  50. McCook’s Mr. Bill: Braggart Bully Billionaire President Maybe

  51. Charlie Daniels to Congress: You’ve Betrayed Your Country

  52. America’s Sanctuary City Nightmare

  53. Just a Thought

  54. Daily Devotion-The Elijah Factor or How 1 Man Made a Difference-Revival Takes Patience


  56. Netherlands – Spring

  57. If I could Paint the Sun

  58. Feminist? No! A Woman Of Strength? Yes! — reblogged

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