My Article Read (8-25-2015)


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  1. Eleven Red Flag Events That Just Happened

  2. How to Succeed with People in Authority

  3. He Touched Me

  4. Pressure

  5. Knock Knock

  6. Blogger Recognition Award

  7. POLL: Would you vote for Donald Trump if he wins the Republican nomination?

  8. Great Lesson from Paul on Being Content

  9. Donald Trump At The Republican National Convention 1988…

  10. Tallahassee Trip: Day 1, Part 2

  11. Daily(ish) Thankfulness List #2

  12. Disgraceful Mr. Farrar

  13. VIDEO Had Enough Crime Yet, America?

  14. Some Googly Eyed Search Engines Just Aren’t Bigger than God Now or in 2016

  15. Christ’s Eternal Glory

  16. Men in Love with Sin Do Not Receive Christ

  17. Dear Auntie Linda, August 23, 2015

  18. Happy Anniversary! 13 years in USA and Anniversary for my Blog! –)

  19. Mark Latham was right (raw uncut audio)


  21. Drinking Words

  22. Sticky Note From God 08.23.15

  23. Children… and the Cycle of Abuse

  24. Louisiana State Trooper Remains Clinging To Life After Being Shot In Head….

  25. Jo’s Monday walk : On the Waterfront, Bristol

  26. There is a moment: The Branson Report

  27. The Easy Years

  28. Monday Mornings and Memory Bears

  29. Sing Praise to Yahweh!

  30. January 1943 (3)

  31. Beautiful and divine like you


  33. The Fate of Little Luigi – Short Story

  34. Beth and Gimel | Psalm 119 Parts 2 and 3 / 22

  35. Obama back at it, wants UN to control guns via Treaty

  36. Monday’s Memory Moment

  37. Video #8 Stem Express: Needs 50 more baby livers per week…

  38. Fox Feud: Trump responds to Roger Ailes in Megyn Kelly dust-up, touts being on CNN…

  39. Barack Obama calls opponents of Iran deal “the crazies.”

  40. This is stupid. And evil:

  41. The Shofar Blows for September

  42. Trigger Warning: History fans may experience multiple geekgasms

  43. Well my, my, my. Has @HillaryClinton legally disqualified herself from office?

  44. Praise The Lord

  45. Higher Standard

  46. Quote Of The Day — August 25, 2015

  47. And the Winner Is…..Unca Joe’s Son, Hunter Biden!

  48. The Big Difference Between Munich and the Iran Deal

  49. 15 Bible Verses and a Prayer for Courage

  50. Just a Thought

  51. Daily Devotion-August 25, 2015-The Elijah Factor or How 1 Man Made a Difference-Things Get Tougher

  52. Netherlands – Groningen

  53. Netherlands – Modern art

  54. The #TAG List Becomes a Pressure Cooker; REOPENS for 24 Hours

  55. A Struggle to Feel Accepted

  56. Steve Shultz: Important Repost: “I Am Releasing the WHISTLE BLOWERS Throughout the Earth!”


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